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Florida State Football: Jimbo Fisher on ACC Coaches Teleconference

Transcript via the ACC.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

COACH FISHER: Very excited about our team this weekend against Citadel. Thought we played extremely efficient on offense. Had eight possessions, scored seven times, first four touchdowns doing a really nice job there defensively. Made some nice adjustments, and they got -- that's a very difficult offense to play against. They moved the ball a little bit but our defense had a really great fourth down stop, and the ones never gave up any points, did a pretty solid job. Continued to play a lot of young players in the game. Really excited to see them in the game on offense and defense, and really excited about the future of what they can do. They have got to continue to grow, and that's going to be a big part of how we improve as a team to keep building the depth and the things that we do. Excited about that. I think the off-week, we've got a couple guys nicked up so we'll see how that goes but I think the off-week probably came at a good time as far as how that goes. But also fundamentally think it's a good time to replenish this week, and we're  going back to a lot of fundamentals we did during camp with a little bit of game planning things toward the end of the week. But we spend a lot of time our just trying to get better and trying to work on a lot of fundamentals and creating a lot of these young guys more opportunities in practice. Very excited about where we're at and still got a lot of room to grow as a football team, which excites me, and looking forward to how we progress.

Q. One of the matchups will be your offensive line against their defensive line. What were you able to do so effectively to be able to neutralize them from making big plays from their defensive front last year?

COACH FISHER: Well, I think one, our skill guys got open. They made plays up front on defensive side. It was a great battle, if you really watched when we created some turnovers. But we were physical and they were physical, and they won some and we won some. I think you had a bunch of good players going at it. But we were able to be very consistent in that game. We played hard, and I think our quarterbacks made good decisions with the ball, and helped in that situation. But I thought our line was very physical last year, because they are extremely good up front.

Q. What is it about Roberto (Aguayo) that's allowed him to be so consistent from the day he stepped on campus?

COACH FISHER: Well, I think also being here with Dustin before, watching him prepare, how to go about it mentally, how to control his body and how to control his mind and get ready for the game and the work ethic and the practice that it takes to get there. I think that really helped him. But at the same time I think Roberto is a mentally strong young man and he's very demanding object himself and he's very talented. He's an extremely talented guy and I think he works very hard and has supreme confidence in himself. I think all of those things combined have really helped him.

Q. How does he affect your play calling, knowing once you basically cross the 40, you have an automatic three sitting there?

COACH FISHER: I don't know if we cross the 40; now that's a 56-, 57-yarder. I think you're being -- you're being pretty lenient in making that an automatic. But he can hit it from there. But it does, you know when you get certain distance, down where his comfort range is and he's very efficient, it does sometimes let you be more aggressive and take chances and not have to make sure, hey, I've make sure I get the field goal range. When that range is expanded, it does help you offensively, no doubt.

Q. I know they are running the same stuff they have run for the last couple years, but how does Clemson look different offensively without Tajh Boyd?

COACH FISHER: Well, I'm going to tell you what, they are still just as effective. They throw the ball extremely well. I think their receivers -- they are very dynamic at wide out. I think they have good backs, and I think their line has done a good job. And I think (Cole) Stoudt has done a really good job. You go back, he's still running the ball down in different situations and running their counters and powers and quarterback runs and pulling it; and Deshaun (Watson) when he comes in and he has his package and the things he does. I don't see a lot of big difference, I really don't. I think they are throwing the ball extremely well. I think Stoudt makes great decisions with the ball, drives the ball down the field, is a very good passer. I still see a very dynamic team. They may change a route or two, that could be because a receiver or you expanding your offense, but I don't see a huge, huge change in everything they are doing.

Q. When they bring Watson in, do you have to make sure that your defense is ready for some things that might be a little different than Stoudt?

COACH FISHER: I think definitely because he's a little more athletic, but Stoudt still runs the ball. But I think those are the things that you have to prepare for all spread teams now, and I think they have become more the norm than the exception.

Q. Does it change the way you game plan for the next couple of weeks seeing as the Clemson quarterback situation is a little bit of an unknown right now?

COACH FISHER: No. Doesn't change it a bit. You have to play and prepare for all of it just like we would do.

Q. What do you have to work on this week, having a bye week getting ready for Clemson next week, what do you have to work on?

COACH FISHER: We are back to fundamentals. We are back to a camp practice yesterday and we'll do that today. We'll game plan and filter in some things we're trying to look at it in scheme, and even future opponents. We'll look at future opponents and things we may have to put in and have in the offensive, defensive game plan down the road that we can introduce to these guys now. But we are big in fundamentals in the off week. I believe in getting back to basics, making sure how you tackle and run routes. It's a great time for those young guys and even your veterans to get back to those practices and sometimes more individual things and going against your defense and like you would do in a half-line situation or different things that go on in camp. I think just fundamentals -- I think as you go back and you watch games, when you end up not being successful as you want to be in different situations, it all goes back to fundamentals. It's not always the other team making plays. It's you not doing the things that you're coached to do, or we haven't coached them well enough to be able to do them. I think fundamentally any time you get that chance, you go back and do that.

Q. That's okay. (Sean) Maguire, last week against Citadel, what type of quarterback is he and is he very good waiting for his turn for next year?

COACH FISHER: Yeah, I hope so. I hope he's very good. I hope he's really good. I think he's doing a nice job. Really developed and has great arm talent and he can return and has good legs under him, and I think he's really getting a grasp of our offense. He went three-for-five in the game. Missed two throws that he can make but I think that's just game time experience, but he made great decisions. I mean, you can fix that. If they are going to the right place, and like both those throws, he might not have made them perfectly but he understood where to go with the ball and how he went there, I was very happy with that. I think he developed very well in practice, and I think he has a chance to be a very good player.