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Florida State football gambling: New betting lines for Notre Dame, Clemson, Louisville

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports has updated its college football futures lines. In all, there are 21 involving Florida State or FSU's opponents. Do any of these surprise you? If anything, it shows that Vegas does not overreact to early season results like media pundits and especially fans do.

FSU's lines

Clemson at Florida State -17

Notre Dame at Florida State -21

Florida State -11 at Louisville

Florida State -16 at Miami

Florida at Florida State -16

Lines for opponents

-Louisville -7.5 at Syracuse

-NC State +15.5 at UNC

-Clemson -24.5 at Wake Forest

-Stanford +1 at Notre Dame

-North Carolina at Notre Dame -7

-Notre Dame +3 at Arizona State

-Notre Dame +8.5 at USC

-Virginia +12 at Virginia Tech

-Miami +6 at Nebraska

-Miami +6.5 at Virginia Tech

-Florida +15.5 at Alabama

-Florida -6 at Tennessee

-LSU EVEN at Florida

-Missouri at Florida -7

-Florida +6.5 v. Georgia

-South Carolina at Florida -3