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Florida State football, recruiting news 9/16

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

-Does the ACC's chance at a play-off team get decided this weekend between FSU and Clemson?

-Andrea Adelson looks at why Clemson has a chance to beat Florida State. I don't think she makes the best arguments, but I'll let you all make your own inferences.

-Clemson DE Vic Beasley thinks he is better than Jadeveon Clowney. Scroll down the article to find his comments. What do you make of it? I think Cam Erving is ready for another battle with Beasley.

-Miami QB Kevin Olsen was arrested again after being charged with driving under the influence and possessing a fake ID. This guy is wasting his talent, that's his third suspension.

-Boston College got a big win over USC this weekend. BC Interruption examines what Eagles' fans have to be excited about. Tyler Murphy looked impressive against a pretty good USC defense. I never saw UF utilize him the way BC did Saturday night, kudos to Steve Addazio.

-Backing the Pack breaks down NC State's blowout win over USF on Saturday.