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Florida State football recruiting news 9/19

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John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

-Dan Wolken writes about why this weekend's match-up is so important for the Clemson Tigers and the ACC.

-Zac Ellis of Sports Illustrated writes if Florida State wanted to get Winston's attention, they did so by finally suspending him. This is a much better take than some of the other "hot takes" national writers have had on this situation.

-David Hale writes Clemson freshman QB Deshaun Watson is progressing quickly in the Tigers' offensive system. Watson is expected to play a part in Saturday night's match-up between FSU and Clemson.

-Brendan Sonnone helps you get to know FSU back-up and now starting QB for Saturday night's game, Sean Maguire.

-Here are some predictions from ESPNSports Illustrated, and Athlon for the Florida State/Clemson game Saturday night. What do you guys think the final score will be?

-My prediction for this weekend: Obviously not having Jameis Winston is a big deal, but Sean Maguire isn't at Florida State because he's a scrub. I think Maguire will do what it takes to get the Noles into a good position heading into the half. Additionally, I think Winston's appearance in the second half could provide a huge momentum shift for FSU, especially if Florida State is trailing. This defense has been waiting a while to show what it is capable of and the Citadel didn't quite provide that opportunity. This game would worry me more if it was on the road again but at home I think FSU prevails. Florida State wins 34-23.