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Florida State football film review: Clemson 3rd quarter

FSU played very well in the third quarter.

Every week we break down the result of the previous game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against The Clemson? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

Read to find out. Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

For other quarters, visit the film review section (they will be up by 2 ET Tuesday).

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D-D Yard Form Comment Analysis
2-7 at Cu07 Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00, CU ball on CU35.
Clemson will kick to being the 2nd half and defend the north goal.
Drive: 1 plays, 3 yards, TOP 00:45
LAKIP kickoff 42 yards to the FS23, Haplea, K. return 9 yards to the FS32 (TANKERSLEY). Pooch kick, Haplea takes it up a few yards. Not sure I understand value of these if their coverage doesn't get down there
1-10 at Fs32 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 14:57.
1-10 at Fs32 Maguire, S. at QB for Florida State.
1-10 at Fs32 11 gun Maguire, S. ML pass complete to O'Leary, N. for 10 yards to the FS42, 1ST DOWN FS (KEARSE), clock 14:46. Quick hitch, O'Leary does great job separating, Maguire does good job delivering it, though it was a hair slower than it needed to be getting out.
1-10 at Fs42 11 gun Maguire, S. MR pass complete to Greene, R. for 8 yards to the 50 yardline (WIGGINS), clock 14:13. Trips to field, closed on boundary side. Quick outs, Maguire gets it to Greene. Giving it to 35 and 80 early, like Winston told him he needed to. They lined up Greene as #3 so he'd be mismatched on a backer/safety. Getting 10 comfortable.
2-2 at Fs50 PENALTY FS false start (Hart, B.) 5 yards to the FS45, clock 13:54. FSU OL livid - Clemson simulating snap count. I think they were doing this in the 2012 game, too. It works until you get caught. ACC refs weren't having it, though.
2-7 at Fs45 11 singleback Maguire, S. screen pass complete to O'Leary, N. for 7 yards to the CU48, 1ST DOWN FS (STEWARD;LAWSON), PENALTY CU face mask (D. WILLIAMS) 15 yards to the CU33, 1ST DOWN FS, clock 13:13. Quick TE screen off play action, center and LG slip to right (field) side, O'Leary does a good job working for the yards. Nice play call.
1-10 at Cu33 1st and 10.
1-10 at Cu33 11 singleback Pender, M. rush up middle for loss of 1 yard to the CU34 (LAWSON;CRAWFORD), clock 12:49. Jackson can't keep his block on 90, but otherwise this wide zone was well blocked. Pender didn't have anywhere to go because of unblocked backside defenders.
2-11 at Cu34 11 gun Maguire, S. crossing pass complete to Greene, R. for 12 yards to the CU22, 1ST DOWN FS (ALEXANDER), clock 12:23. Triangle read on one side, slant/bubble on the other. Maguire makes a good decision on the slant. Throw is a bit high and behind.
1-10 at Cu22 11 gun Maguire, S. WS pass complete to Wilson, J. for 1 yard to the CU21 (PETERS), clock 11:46. Package play, power/bubble. Good read to play the bubble with Clemson's slot defender cheating in. Christian Green makes a horrible, horrible effort on his block. Peters blows up Wilson. If Green isn't going to do these sort of things as a 5th year senior, let's quit wasting the reps on him and give them to younger players like Lane and Rudolph.
2-9 at Cu21 11 gun Maguire, S. deep pass incomplete to Greene, R., clock 11:29. Clemson pressure package has six hats on the line, only four rush. It does enough to confuse Matias, who lets a DT in completely free. Pender tries to get him, but he wasn't able to. Maguire still actually does a great job getting the ball out towards Greene in one on one coverage. Mack Alexander has an armbar here and slows him up. I don't mind them not calling it because they called this game loose, but definitely on the edge
3-9 at Cu21 PENALTY CU substitution infraction 5 yards to the CU16, clock 11:29.
3-4 at Cu16 11 gun Maguire, S. middle pass complete to O'Leary, N. for 15 yards to the CU1, 1ST DOWN FS (ALEXANDER), clock 11:21. Option route to O'Leary, who does an excellent job finding space between backers in hook zones and settling. Maguire makes good read and throw.
1-G at Cu01 11 gun Pender, M. rush over left end for 1 yard to the CU0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 11:05. Uncalled false start on Matias. Noles got lucky not to lose 5 yards. Inside zone, wasn't much inside push, Pender does a good job to cut outside, then cut up and muscle his way in.
Aguayo, R. kick attempt good. automatic
Clemson 10, Florida State 10
Drive: 9 plays, 68 yards, TOP 03:52 Very efficient drive. Basic FSU concepts, executed at a high level. False start was from simulation. One missed block and a PI call from a perfect drive. Says a lot about Clemson that a drive executed this efficiently took 9 plays.
Aguayo, R. kickoff 65 yards to the CU0, touchback. Don't let them get the opportunity for momentum.
1-10 at Cu25 CLEMSON drive start at 11:05.
1-10 at Cu25 D. WATSON at QB for Clemson. Cole ain't comin back.
1-10 at Cu25 425 D. WATSON screen pass complete to SCOTT for 2 yards to the CU27 (Casher, C.), clock 10:39. Jet sweep, Chris Casher sniffs it out and runs it down. Probably not a great idea to try to constrict your speed to the boundary side.
2-8 at Cu27 425 D. WATSON sideline pass complete to McCULLOUGH for 10 yards to the CU37, 1ST DOWN CU (Williams, P.J.), clock 10:10. WR runs deep, drawing away PJ. TE hit on flat route. This should have been picked up by flat defender, which is Northrup's responsibility. You could see him presnap talking to 24 and looking unsure. Good play from PJ to clean up the error.
1-10 at Cu37 425 D. WATSON rush up middle for loss of 2 yards to the CU35 (Casher, C.), clock 09:48. Zone read, TE split wide is supposed to block down to outside backer. Casher flies into the backfield, reads it correctly, and gets Watson. Also doesn't hurt that they had a heavy blitz on.
2-12 at Cu35 425 D. WATSON rush QX for 8 yards to the CU43, out-of-bounds, clock 09:22. Noles get pressure with 4, Eddie Goldman has the sack but isn't able to wrap it up and bring Watson down. Kid is slippery. Gotta make these plays. Casher beats a double team to get Goldman free.
3-4 at Cu43 425 D. WATSON screen pass incomplete to McCULLOUGH (Williams, P.J.), clock 08:52. Throwback screen, Watson runs a couple steps to field to clear boundary. PJ Williams sniffs it out, evades the blocker and crushes the TE as he tries to catch it. Throw is poor from Watson. This wasn't going anywhere anyway, too many Noles defenders caught this one. Good game prep?
4-4 at Cu43 PINION punt 32 yards to the FS25, fair catch by Greene, R.. Really happy Rashad caught this in traffic. He wouldn't have caught this one in 2012. Has stepped up catching punts.
Drive: 5 plays, 18 yards, TOP 02:20 Great defensive effort. Their first down was an error on Northrup, and the missed sack was only missed because Watson was able to lean back on his own dude. One of those weird plays, like JFF bouncing off his OL.
1-10 at Fs25 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 08:45.
1-10 at Fs25 20 pony Maguire, S. sideline pass complete to Greene, R. for 6 yards to the FS31, out-of-bounds (PETERS), clock 08:34. Maguire hits Rashad on the quick comeback. This wasn't free alignment yards, this was good anticipation and hitting Rashad right after he came back.
2-4 at Fs31 20 pony Pender, M. rush right for 7 yards to the FS38, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds (PETERS), clock 08:10. Stretch right. Really well blocked, Pender gets every yard out of it. On his coaches show, Jimbo says "if we don't push crack, the missed block right here, this thing could have gone all the way."
1-10 at Fs38 11 gun Maguire, S. sacked for loss of 11 yards to the FS27 (ANTHONY), clock 07:29. Cover 0, balls to wall man blitz from Clemson. Maguire needs to hit Bobo underneath and take the hit. That or throw it out of bounds. Can't take this sack.
2-21 at Fs27 11 gun Pender, M. rush over right tackle for 5 yards to the FS32 (R. SMITH), clock 06:53. Counter with backside tackle pulling. Trying to make life manageable on third down for Sean.
3-16 at Fs32 11 gun Maguire, S. deep in pass incomplete to O'Leary, N. (PETERS), clock 06:28. Trips wide. Maguire forces this ball to O'Leary in middle of field. Not a great decision. Camera angle is horrid, so I have no clue what the trips were doing.
4-16 at Fs32 Beatty, C. punt 41 yards to the CU27, out-of-bounds. Another really good punt. Happy for the kid.
Drive: 5 plays, 7 yards, TOP 02:25 Started nicely, moved ball well with basic concepts and even ran efficiently against a great front. Maguire just took a sack he couldn't take and it stalled the drive.
1-10 at Cu27 CLEMSON drive start at 06:20.
1-10 at Cu27 425 CHOICE rush left for 2 yards to the CU29 (Smith, Terr.), clock 06:02. Not sure if this is a package for Clemson or not, but looks like it. Noles had men on each of trips wide, so they run the buck sweep to boundary. PJ and Terrance do a good job cleaning it up and forcing him out.
2-8 at Cu29 425 D. WATSON rush draw play for 6 yards to the CU35 (Hollin, D.), clock 05:34. This may have been a missed stunt/poorly executed. Looks like Walker is trying to loop inside. Hollin isn't able to get outside. Either that or Walker just crashed inside mistakenly. Draw. Morris is trying to see how the backup DTs are.
3-2 at Cu35 425 D. WATSON screen pass complete to CHOICE for 13 yards to the CU48, 1ST DOWN CU (Ramsey, J.), clock 05:00. Zone blitz from FSU, Watson does a good job throwing the dump off to back in the flats. Casher misses tackle because he isn't able to get in position because of WR. Good moves from Choice, the kid from Thomasville.
1-10 at Cu48 425 D. WATSON crossing pass complete to CHOICE for 6 yards to the FS46 (Smith, Terr.), clock 04:18. Watson targets Choice on flat route. That's several plays where they've targeted the flat knowing they'd see zone pressure or have Williams drawn into deep zone.
2-4 at Fs46 425 D. WATSON sideline pass complete to CHOICE for 14 yards to the FS32, 1ST DOWN CU (Williams, P.J.), clock 04:01. This is on Terrance Smith, who just kind of meanders around then rushes towards passer. Northrup tracks back coming out of the backfield, but misses the tackle. Needs to make that tackle.
1-10 at Fs32 425 D. WATSON rush left for 1 yard to the FS31, out-of-bounds (Andrews, N.), clock 03:39. Designed keep. Casher forces wide, Andrews forces out. Good defense.
2-9 at Fs31 425 DAVIDSON rush over left guard for 8 yards to the FS23 (Smith, Terr.;Andrews, N.), clock 02:59. Clemson pushes back Nnadi and they are able to find a gap. Backers caught in wash a bit. There was no need to bring out the chains, even if you're trying to get the spot perfect. Come on, folks. If I was Clemson, I'd be livid. Would've gone green light and hit it quick.
3-1 at Fs23 425 DAVIDSON rush over right guard for 3 yards to the FS20, 1ST DOWN CU (Walker, D.;Northrup, R.), clock 02:29. Backers need to be filling gaps quicker here. Mitchell gets turned around a bit and they find space.
1-10 at Fs20 425 D. WATSON deep pass complete to SECKINGER for 19 yards to the FS1, 1ST DOWN CU, clock 02:08. This is sharp from Watson. Motion pulls Casher across formation, making it clear he's manned up on the TE. Post/wheel combo, and you're always going to throw to the TE when you're matched up with a rush DE. This was an amazing play by Casher to get around the post receiver, and upfield. Cannot expect him to have the ball skills to knock out this ball. Excellently executed back shoulder throw - Watson couldn't have thrown that over the top with Casher in phase.
Injured player for Clemson is #67-Davis. Walks off the field.
Official Review: Call on the field is a touchdown.
Official Review: Runner is down at the 1/2 yardline.
1-G at Fs01 GL DAVIDSON rush over right guard for no gain to the FS1 (Walker, D.;Hollin, D.), clock 01:30. Good play from Walker to stop the guy behind the line, and from 24 to help finish. Goldman blows up his man and gets off the line insanely fast.
2-G at Fs01 GL DAVIDSON rush over right guard for no gain to the FS1 (Walker, D.;Smith, Terr.), PENALTY FS offside defense (Goldman, E.) 0 yards to the FS1, NO PLAY, clock 01:18. Call is incorrect, but can't expect officials to be this good. Goldman times this absolutely perfectly and flies into the backfield. Would've been a one yard loss.
2-G at Fs01 TEAM rush for loss of 23 yards to the FS24, clock 00:32. Note the last two plays: Goldman is an insane disruptor. Backup center had to have had that on his mind. Huge.
Previous play was a bad snap from center.
3-G at Fs24 Timeout Clemson, clock 00:19. Can't get themselves set quick enough, understandably.
3-G at Fs24 425 DAVIDSON rush over left guard for 1 yard to the FS23 (Smith, Terr.;Northrup, R.), clock 00:00. Sprint draw. I'm not sure why they run this wide rather than towards the center given their kicker's difficulties.
Drive: 12 plays, 50 yards, TOP 06:24 Exploited the Noles' issues in defending the flats, and took advantage of matchup issues. Some of that is just Clemson doing a good job.
Clemson 10, Florida State 10 Very good quarter for FSU. They were probably a sack from taking the lead. Brought back momentum, OL showed they can play with this Clemson front 6, Maguire showed he wasn't some scrub. The DL showed they aren't to be trifled with in key situations (GL, third downs)