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Florida State football film review: Clemson 4th quarter, overtime

Florida State was simply more physical in the final period.

Every week we break down the result of the previous game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against The Clemson? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

Read to find out. Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

For other quarters, visit the film review section (they will be up by 2 ET Tuesday).

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D Yard Form Play Comment
4-G at Fs23 LAKIP field goal attempt from 40 MISSED - wide right, spot at FS23, clock 14:56. Shankapotomous
Drive: 13 plays, 50 yards, TOP 06:24
1-10 at Fs23 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 14:56.
1-10 at Fs23 Timeout Clemson, clock 14:56.
1-10 at Fs23 22 Pender, M. rush over left tackle for 4 yards to the FS27 (KEARSE;ANTHONY), clock 14:34. Inside Zone. Mario Pender does a nice job of finding the cutback lane. Trae does a nice job of sealing his man.
2-6 at Fs27 22 Maguire, S. deep pass incomplete to Greene, R. (ALEXANDER), clock 14:15. Play action...fake of the previous IZ play. Excellent pass pro. Sean looking for Rashad on the post corner the whole time. Alexander has inside position and almost picks it. Maguire should have pushed the ball further down field, RG had gotten behind Alexander, and probably should have thrown it earlier.
3-6 at Fs27 11 Gun Maguire, S. post pass complete to O'Leary, N. for 21 yards to the FS48, 1ST DOWN FS (R. SMITH), PENALTY CU offside defense declined, clock 14:09. Option route. NOL reads the backer and beats him badly inside. Maguire throws and absolute bullet. This was there all night, Sean finally trusted what he saw. Excellent pass pro. Cam stones Beasley. Much better than the 1H.
1-10 at Fs48 11 Maguire, S. crossing pass complete to Wilson, J. for 5 yards to the CU47, out-of-bounds (R. SMITH), clock 13:38. Play action boot. Maguire finds Bobo on the drag. Easy 5. Wish they would have done more of this in the 1H.
2-5 at Cu47 11 Maguire, S. middle pass intercepted by KEARSE at the CU32, KEARSE return 4 yards to the CU36. Option route to NOL once again. NOL appears to beat his man inside but the defender grabs ahold of his jersey and yanks him back. This causes Maguire to pump fake and then throw late. Awful missed call. There's a difference between allowing physical play and this. Sean needs to tuck the ball and not throw it.
Drive: 5 plays, 30 yards, TOP 01:40
1-10 at Cu36 CLEMSON drive start at 13:16.
Injured player for Clemson is #2-Alexander. Jogs off the field.
1-10 at Cu36 425 D. WATSON WS pass complete to PEAKE for 6 yards to the CU42 (Hunter, T.), PENALTY FS personal foul (Hunter, T.) 15 yards to the FS43, 1ST DOWN CU, clock 13:05. Quick game bubble screen. Hunter comes up to defend and reacts pretty well. Problem is, he doesnt bring his hips and chest into the WR to make the tackle, Instead he arm tackles by grabbing the WR by the back of the jersey, easy horse collar. He has to be better tackling in space.
1-10 at Fs43 1st and 10.
1-10 at Fs43 425 GALLMAN rush right for 2 yards to the FS41 (Andrews, N.), clock 12:43. Sweep from gun. DWalker does an excellent job of maintaining outside leverage and forcing the RB to the sideline. Reggie and Terrance come in to make the tackle.
2-8 at Fs41 425 D. WATSON deep pass complete to M. WILLIAMS for 39 yards to the FS2, 1ST DOWN CU, clock 12:11. This is a straight verticle route. Darby has excellent coverage and hunter closes quickly over the top. Neither one of them play the ball Darby's feet are entanged with the WR and the WR loses his shoe and STILL makes a circus catch. You just have to give the WR credit on this one.
Official Review: Ruling on the field is a catch to the 2 yardline.
Official Review: Call on the field stands.
1-G at Fs02 425 D. WATSON rush over right tackle for 2 yards to the FS0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 11:44. QB Power. Clemson has the numbers on the right side and Watson dives in.
PINION kick attempt good.
Clemson 17, Florida State 10
Drive: 4 plays, 64 yards, TOP 01:39
LAKIP kickoff 51 yards to the FS14, Whitfield, K. return 11 yards to the FS25 (K. JONES).
1-10 at Fs25 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 11:37.
1-10 at Fs25 11 gun Maguire, S. ML pass complete to Greene, R. for 3 yards to the FS28 (STEWARD), clock 11:22. Houston. Hits Rashad on the out. Would have like to see him look for Bobo on the corner. Clemson CB makes a very good tackle for a short gain.
2-7 at Fs28 11 gun Maguire, S. slant pass complete to Greene, R. for 8 yards to the FS36, 1ST DOWN FS (KEARSE), clock 10:47. Whip route with Rashad singled up on a safety or backer. Good matchup work.
1-10 at Fs36 11 gun Maguire, S. sideline pass complete to Green, C. for 9 yards to the FS45, out-of-bounds, clock 10:27. Backside out route, good read, throw and catch. Identify single coverage and get the ball out quickly in the 2H, since Maguire was not taking advantage of the open deep shots Fisher had set up. Good job adjusting to what your QB can do and with what he feels comfortable.
2-1 at Fs45 11 gun Maguire, S. sideline pass complete to Williams, K. for 10 yards to the CU45, out-of-bounds, PENALTY FS illegal touching (Williams, K.) 0 yards to the FS45, NO PLAY. Bobby Hart gets smoked to the inside on a pass rush. Rail route to Karlos Williams, who was probably forced out which means it shouldn't have been a penalty, but he bobbled it so probably wouldn't be complete. Maguire probably needs to throw this away due to the pressure. Have to like Fisher's aggressiveness on this play. Short yardage means backer will think Williams is running short, and backer does good job to squeeze. Credit both Fisher and Clemson.
3-1 at Fs45 22 Williams, K. rush left for 4 yards to the FS49, 1ST DOWN FS (ANTHONY;PETERS), clock 09:48. Inside zone, fantastic job of doubling and then blocking the backer by Austin Barron. Pretty good blocks by everyone else. Not sure why Clemson didn't have more safeties close to LOS there.
1-10 at Fs49 22 Maguire, S. deep pass incomplete to O'Leary, N. (KEARSE), clock 09:40. This is the second or third time in the game that Maguire failed to throw the ball for a long TD on a play Fisher had set up. This is the difference in him and Winston (well, one of). Greene is wide open on the post and Maguire throws it to O'Leary instead. He needs to trust his big arm.
2-10 at Fs49 11 gun Maguire, S. MR pass complete to Greene, R. for 4 yards to the CU47 (KEARSE), clock 09:21. Chance to get to third and medium, quick hitter to Rashad underneath. Greene working in the slot quite a bit.
3-6 at Cu47 11 gun PENALTY FS false start (Hart, B.) 6 yards to the FS47, clock 09:09. Senior ...
3-12 at Fs47 11 gun Maguire, S. deep pass incomplete to O'Leary, N., QB hurry by JARRETT, clock 09:02. Clemson blitzes SEVEN people, FSU tries to pick it up, but six cannot block seven, Maguire needs to throw this away and sort of does but doesn't get it far enough out of bounds for my liking.
4-12 at Fs47 Beatty, C. punt 39 yards to the CU14, fair catch by HUMPHRIES. No return? Inside the 20? I'll take it.
Drive: 7 plays, 22 yards, TOP 02:42 FSU has the short passing open, and Maguire misses the deep touchdown read it was setting up.
1-10 at Cu14 CLEMSON drive start at 08:55.
1-10 at Cu14 425 CHOICE rush over left tackle for 4 yards to the CU18 (Northrup, R.), clock 08:22. Power. Goldman and Mitchell eat it up. Reggie fills.
2-6 at Cu18 425 CHOICE rush over left guard for 1 yard to the CU19 (Casher, C.), clock 08:06. Inside Zone. Goldman again with Terrance Mitchell assiting. Nobody can block Goldman.
3-5 at Cu19 425 D. WATSON sideline pass incomplete to SECKINGER (Andrews, N.), clock 07:37. TE Out Route. FSU runs an inside stunt. Casher comes from the outside and the DTs push the pocket back. Watson is forced to get the ball out quickly and Nate is there with tight coverage. Huge stop.
4-5 at Cu19 PINION punt 57 yards to the FS24, downed.
Drive: 3 plays, 5 yards, TOP 01:30
1-10 at Fs24 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 07:25.
1-10 at Fs24 11 Gun Maguire, S. deep out pass complete to Greene, R. for 16 yards to the FS40, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds, clock 07:16. Houston. Maguire does a great job of hanging in there with a blitz in his face. Hits Rashad in stride for a big gain. Kid has a cannon.
1-10 at Fs40 11 Gun Maguire, S. sacked for loss of 14 yards to the FS26 (CRAWFORD), clock 06:37. Beasley and Jarret push Cam and Trae back into the backfield forcing Sean to roll out. Clemson appears to have strong downfield coverage. Sean holds the ball wayyyy too long and takes a horrible sack. Happens with a first time starter.
2-24 at Fs26 11 Gun Maguire, S. deep pass complete to Greene, R. for 74 yards to the CU0, 1ST DOWN FS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 06:04. The OL has it's best pass pro of the night. Slow developing deep corner route from RG. Alexander appears to fall down but he was beat anyway. Maguire throws a bomb from his back foot. Unbelievable. Kid can really spin it. RG80 doing RG80 things.
Aguayo, R. kick attempt good.
Clemson 17, Florida State 17
Drive: 3 plays, 76 yards, TOP 01:25
Aguayo, R. kickoff 60 yards to the CU5, DAVIDSON return 12 yards to the CU17 (Andrews, N.). Excellent Coverage. Has improved exponentially.
1-10 at Cu17 CLEMSON drive start at 06:00.
1-10 at Cu17 425 D. WATSON SH pass complete to GALLMAN for loss of 5 yards to the CU12 (Walker, D.), clock 05:39. Speed sweep. DWalker reads it immediately and closes with an awesome burst. Blows it up for a huge loss. Young DE's are FEELING it.
2-15 at Cu12 425 D. WATSON crossing pass complete to PEAKE for 17 yards to the CU29, 1ST DOWN CU, clock 05:19. Looks like there is some confusion in the secondary. Hard to tell but it looks like FSU may have been in a match up zone and Darby was playing man. Nate and Darby get crossed up and Watson hits Peake on the crossing route for a big first down. Guys still working out the kinks. Need to be better with down and distance.
Official Review: Ruling on the field is a catch to the 29.
Official Review: Ruling on the field stands.
1-10 at Cu29 425 D. WATSON rush left for 3 yards to the CU32 (Casher, C.), clock 04:40. Zone Read. Casher plays this so good. Surprisingly good for as little burn as he's gotten. He stays home and makes an open field tackle on Watson. He good.
2-7 at Cu32 425 D. WATSON middle pass incomplete to M. WILLIAMS (Williams, P.J.), clock 04:27. Watson starting to get a little spooked form the FSU pass rush. He tries to squeeze one in tight on a shallow curl but PJ is there with super tight coverage.
3-7 at Cu32 425 D. WATSON slant pass incomplete to GALLMAN, QB hurry by Ramsey, J., clock 04:24. Woooo boy. Ramsey comes flying in on blitz. Clemson actually has the perfect play call set up with a RB in an option route out of the backfield. But FEATHERSTON knocks the WR off his route and Watson throws wide. Huge play. Featherston really is a MonStar
4-7 at Cu32 PINION punt 56 yards to the FS12, downed.
Drive: 5 plays, 15 yards, TOP 01:49
1-10 at Fs12 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 04:11.
1-10 at Fs12 21 Gun Williams, K. rush left for 13 yards to the FS25, 1ST DOWN FS (ANTHONY), clock 04:03. Outside Zone. This is really well blocked. I think FSU should have ran at Beasley more. Williams is patient and explodes through the hole for a nice 1st down gain.
1-10 at Fs25 21 Gun Pender, M. rush right for loss of 3 yards to the FS22 (STEWARD), clock 03:33. Outside Zone. Woof. Barron completely misses the backer scraping accross his face. JAckson and Hart get whipped. Pender is hurt. That's not what you do.
2-13 at Fs22 Cook, D. rush right for 3 yards to the FS25 (READER), clock 02:43. Outside Zone. Cook does well to pund it for a few yards. Erving just doesnt look right. He allows the DE to cross his face and make the tackle.
3-10 at Fs25 Maguire, S. middle pass intercepted by JOHNSON at the 50 yardline, JOHNSON return 24 yards to the FS26, out-of-bounds. This is the perfect read. FSU runs Houston with Bobo running a post to split the zone. Bobo is wide open and may have scored with only the safety to beat. Ball just sails on Maguire. It happens. Ouch.
Drive: 4 plays, 13 yards, TOP 01:57
1-10 at Fs26 CLEMSON drive start at 02:14.
1-10 at Fs26 425 D. WATSON rush left for 8 yards to the FS18, out-of-bounds, clock 02:09. Casher reads this well, but he just undesestimates Watson's speed, causing the missed tackle. Watson is a very good athlete. FSU controlled his legs most of the night.
2-2 at Fs18 425 DAVIDSON rush over left guard for 3 yards to the FS15, fumble forced by Goldman, E., fumble by DAVIDSON recovered by FS Andrews, N. at FS14. A bit surprised Clemson had the Davidson kid in, because while he's more explosive, the veteran hd been more solid. Goldman blasts the guard trying to block him, and then grabs and strips the ball out from the runner as he passed. Feel it, yank at it.
Drive: 2 plays, 12 yards, TOP 00:38 Remember when Jimbo Fisher publicly challenged Eddie Goldman to get into better shape and dominate? All the way back in the spring? Seemed to pay off pretty well Saturday. He was the best player on the field, regardless of position.
1-10 at Fs14 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 01:36.
Official Review: Ruling on the field is a fumble.
Official Review: Call on the field is confirmed.
1-10 at Fs14 22 Williams, K. rush over right guard for 4 yards to the FS18 (ANTHONY), clock 01:16. I'm mixed on whether Jimbo should have taken a knee here. 1:36, Clemson has only one timeout. FSU could have just taken three knees and gone to overtime, and not risked fumbling itself, but then again, Karlos Williams does have the ability to pop one.
2-6 at Fs18 22 Williams, K. rush right for no gain to the FS18 (READER;STEWARD), clock 00:33. Get to overtime
3-6 at Fs18 Timeout Clemson, clock 00:13.
3-6 at Fs18 TEAM rush for loss of 2 yards to the FS16.
4-8 at Fs16 End of game, clock 00:00.
Drive: 3 plays, 2 yards, TOP 01:36
Clemson 17, Florida State 17
Drive: 2 plays, 25 yards, TOP 00:00
Florida State 23, Clemson 17
OT Quarter
4-8 at Fs16 Start of OT quarter, clock 15:00.
OT Coin toss: Florida State wins the toss. Elects defense.
OT Coin toss. Play will happen in the south end of the field.
4-8 at Fs16 Change of possession, CU ball on FS25, 1st and 10.
Drive: 3 plays, 2 yards, TOP 01:36
1-10 at Fs25 CLEMSON drive start at 15:00.
1-10 at Fs25 425 D. WATSON screen pass incomplete to HUMPHRIES. Great disciplined pass rush, Casher doesn't declare side so Watson cannot escape out or in, and very nice coverage leads to bad throw/throwaway. Florida State looks better conditioned and more physical right now.
2-10 at Fs25 425 D. WATSON sacked for loss of 4 yards to the FS29 (Goldman, E.). Excellent rush by Goldman and Mitchell here, and the ends were fairly disciplined. Watson tried to scramble, but this time, Goldman doesn't miss like he did earlier in the game. Backside angle showed three deep routes covered very well.
3-14 at Fs29 425 D. WATSON screen pass complete to CHOICE for 13 yards to the FS16 (Andrews, N.;Williams, P.J.). FSU should have been expecting this. Clemson is not realistically in FG range and they absolutely have to get to FG range. As soon as Casher feels a cut block, he has to realize that something is up, because nobody cut blocks when pass protecting for deeper routes (like you need on 3rd and 14). Defense is slow to react here and it was almost disastrous like the 3rd & 14 draw Clemson ran in the first half. Clemson does execute this well.
4-1 at Fs16 Timeout Clemson, clock 15:00.
4-1 at Fs16 34 CHOICE rush over right end for no gain to the FS16 (Casher, C.;Northrup, R.). One thing to note: Clemson is in an unbalanced look. And Reggie Northrup calls it out and gets FSU's guys lined up. Watch him tapping the defensive linemen to slide over! Without it, Clemson has an easy first down. This one is all about physicality. Eddie Goldman looked like a 1st round draft choice exploding out of his stance and driving the Clemson blocker TWO YARDS into the backfield, which messes up the RB's path. Hell, Goldman almost makes the tackle from around the guard. Casher and Northrup are there and the RB isn't splitting that combo.
Drive: 4 plays, 9 yards, TOP 00:00
1-10 at Fs16 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 15:00.
1-10 at Fs16 Change of possession, FS ball on CU25, 1st and 10.
1-10 at Cu25 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 15:00.
1-10 at Cu25 21 Williams, K. rush over left guard for 13 yards to the CU12, 1ST DOWN FS (R. SMITH). Inside zone, Clemson overpursues (finally, felt they did this a lot against UGA) and Karlos actually hits the right hole. He could have scored if he shakes the safety, but he had two hands covering and protecting the ball. Matias nice block to cave.
1-10 at Cu12 21 Williams, K. rush left for 12 yards to the CU0, 1ST DOWN FS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 15:00. Karlos is not the most natural of runners, but he saw Cam Erving wall off Vic Beasley who was being too aggressive on the inside zone run after getting hit B gap last play, and the cutback was there. Once he's even, it is game over with his speed.
Florida State 23, Clemson 17
Drive: 2 plays, 25 yards, TOP 00:00 FSU had to make sure to not fumble and pick up a few yards for a kick. No penalties. And it just went ahead and scored.