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Florida State football film review: Oklahoma State 3rd quarter

The only place to find a breakdown of every FSU play.

Every week we break down the result of the previous game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Oklahoma State?

Read to find out. Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

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D/D Yard Formation Play Comment
1-G at Osu35 Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00, OSU ball on OSU35.
Drive: 5 plays, 29 yards, TOP 00:37

Smith, Kip kickoff 65 yards to the FS0, Whitfield, K. return 25 yards to the FS25 (Flowers, Tre). Ro'Derrick Hoskins' blocking attempt on this is poor and it screws up the blocks of others.
1-10 at Fs25 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 14:52.
1-10 at Fs25 11 Pistol Clock 14:52, Williams, K. rush for 2 yards to the FS27 (Ogbah, Emmanuel;Jacobs, Seth). Stretch, Matias doesn't peel off combo quick enough to get linebacker. Erving also pushed back too far off ball and Karlos is forced to stay too deep/wide to get upfield.
2-8 at Fs27 11 Gun Clock 14:24, Winston, J. pass complete to Whitfield, K. for 11 yards to the FS38, 1ST DOWN FS (Stephens, Larry). OSU blitz, good pass pro, Whitfield breaks off route in rhythm with Winston.
1-10 at Fs38 11 Gun Clock 14:04, Winston, J. pass incomplete to Greene, R., PENALTY OSU pass interference (Lampkin, Ashton) 15 yards to the OSU47, 1ST DOWN FS, NO PLAY. Cam Erving beat by speed (38 for OSU will play in NFL), but does run his man past JW, Winston doesn't reset after evading rush, throws off balance. Missed a TD here because of it. Not a mistake Jameis can make, cost his team here - had the time to reset and throw it deep.
1-10 at Osu47 10 Pistol Clock 13:56, Winston, J. pass complete to Greene, R. for 37 yards to the OSU10, 1ST DOWN FS (Sterns, Jordan). Play action, skinny post, Bobby Hart beaten but gets good push, Winston throws a ridiculously good ball here over the backer. Most college teams can't throw this and it makes FSU difficult to defense. Good job by Travis Rudolph to keep running after being grabbed to hold the safety. Play call/design is to scheme Greene open in the MOF on the post by clearing it out with the go route from Rudolph - quarters beater. Well executed throw and catch.
1-G at Osu10 10 Pistol Clock 13:27, Williams, K. rush for loss of 6 yards to the OSU16 (Bean, Jimmy). Stretch and playside LT Erving just whiffs. Step is too flat for alignment and DE beats him inside. Bad series for him. Screws up FSU's drive.
2-G at Osu16 Timeout Florida State, clock 12:38. FSU had another play called to run after the first, but the six-yard loss messed up the plan, play took a while to get in, then Winston tried to check and didn't have time.
2-G at Osu16 11 Gun Clock 12:38, Winston, J. pass incomplete to Williams, K. (Ogbah, Emmanuel). Timing on this screen not very good, three DL feel it and so does a backer. Ball batted down.
3-G at Osu16 11 Gun Clock 12:33, Williams, K. rush for 6 yards to the OSU10 (Castleman, J.;Jacobs, Seth). A give-up play, essentially, not trying to force something after the previous RZ mistakes. If Williams cuts this to the outside he may have something big. Jameis disappointed with Karlos not recognizing all the space he had to boundary side. Karlos follows the blocker rather than recognizing the cutback available.
4-G at Osu10 Clock 11:55, Aguayo, R. field goal attempt from 27 GOOD, clock 11:50. Good drive, but inconsistent play within the good. Left side of OL had a poor showing on the drive.
Florida State 20, OSU 10
1-G at Fs35 Clock 11:50, Aguayo, R. kickoff 65 yards to the OSU0, Hill, Tyreek return 24 yards to the OSU24 (Smith, Terr.;Northrup, R.). Good kick, decent coverage against dangerous returner.
Drive: 7 plays, 65 yards, TOP 03:09
1-10 at Osu24 OSU drive start at 11:43.
1-10 at Osu24 425 Clock 11:43, Walsh, J.W. pass complete to Glidden, David for 19 yards to the OSU43, 1ST DOWN OSU (Ramsey, J.). Play action, Ramsey gets beat on the crosser, linebackers get sucked up and there's a lot of room to throw this. Very good fake from OSU.
1-10 at Osu43 425 Clock 11:31, Childs, Rennie rush for 2 yards to the OSU45 (Ramsey, J.). I'd say FSU defensed this well, but Okie State's back just missed the opportunity to cut it up. Poor from Goldman, who appears to be playing hero ball and just pushing OSU OL upfield. Edwards does a poor job keeping outside arm free and RB is free to run to edge. Northrup does a good job keeping it forced wide and Ramsey does an excellent job keeping his outside arm free, getting off his block and cleaning up in space.
2-8 at Osu45 425 Clock 10:54, Walsh, J.W. pass complete to Glidden, David for 55 yards to the FS0, 1ST DOWN OSU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 10:45. Okie State has trips to the field, then motions back out, fakes bubble to the back, FSU (Ramsey) busts the coverage, wide open. With twins, Ramsey would have played this right (safety picks up No. 2), but with trips, Ramsey must carry No.2 and backer flows to back in flat, with safety handling No. 3. Miscommunication/mental error. No. 2 stemming vertical and not being picked up is a major error, but the "block fake" was well sold by the OSU WR. This was a designed play, Hill never expected to get the ball. Very sharp game planning from Gundy and co.

Grogan, Ben kick attempt good.
Florida State 20, OSU 17
1-G at Osu35 Clock 10:45, Smith, Kip kickoff 47 yards to the FS18, Stevenson, F. return 5 yards to the FS23 (Johnson, Teddy). Pooch kick, Williams has time to field this and needs to call off Stevenson, who should then go block. Doesn't happen.
Drive: 3 plays, 76 yards, TOP 01:03
1-10 at Fs23 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 10:40.
1-10 at Fs23 21 pony Clock 10:40, Winston, J. pass incomplete to Stevenson, F.. This is all on Winston. OSU brings rush, FSU picks it up well, Winston rushes through his progressions, doesn't give time for O'Leary to clear backer, instead fires at Stevenson who isn't very open. Winston recognizes the backside corner blitz and throws it quickly, but not at anything in particular. If you're so inclined, you can even say it was smart to throw it away.
2-10 at Fs23 01 gun Clock 10:35, Winston, J. pass complete to Greene, R. for 7 yards to the FS30 (Peterson, Kevin;Flowers, Tre). OSU likes to blitz empty, FSU moves Greene to the slot smartly here, which means he's the hot guy if OSU blitzes, which it did. He breaks off his route and this is easy. Perfect placement on the numbers here in a fairly tight window on boundary side.
3-3 at Fs30 11 gun Timeout Florida State, clock 09:48. Not sure what this one was about.
3-3 at Fs30 10 gun Clock 09:48, Winston, J. pass incomplete to Greene, R. (Ogbah, Emmanuel). I don't like not having O'Leary on the field for a short third down attempt. OSU has seven guys standing up on LOS, only rushes four, backs out three, looks like blitz so Winston goes to Greene even though it's not blitz. Dangerous play, almost picked. Well designed by OSU to trick Winston. Rudolph may have been open deep if JW held ball second longer.
4-3 at Fs30 Clock 09:43, Beatty, C. punt 31 yards to the OSU39, fair catch by Hill, Tyreek. Beatty gets pass on this as he had to rush because the punt protection wasn't very good.
Drive: 3 plays, 7 yards, TOP 01:05
1-10 at Osu39 OSU drive start at 09:35.
1-10 at Osu39 425 Clock 09:35, Walsh, J.W. pass complete to Seales, Jhajuan for 12 yards to the FS49, 1ST DOWN OSU. Play action, P.J. Williams clearly not 100 percent, gets beat on comeback.
1-10 at Fs49 425 Clock 09:10, Walsh, J.W. pass complete to Sheperd, B. for 13 yards to the FS36, 1ST DOWN OSU (Smith, Terr.). This is a sweep and not a true pass. Tyrell Lyons is in for Nate Andrews (cramps), and he overruns the play. He is not the force player and is thus supposed to play this inside out. Walker pretty badly held on the edge here/
1-10 at Fs36 416 Clock 08:51, Walsh, J.W. pass incomplete to Hill, Tyreek, QB hurry by Williams, P.J.. GREAT recognition of the screen by Walker and Mitchell, and it's a good thing they did, because FSU was in a corner blitz and this could have gone a long way.
2-10 at Fs36 425 Clock 08:46, Hill, Tyreek rush for 1 yard to the FS35 (Goldman, E.). Inside zone, very nice job by Derrick Mitchell and Eddie Goldman to defeat blocks.
3-9 at Fs35 416 Clock 08:13, Walsh, J.W. pass incomplete to Seales, Jhajuan (Williams, P.J.). Go route, P.J. Williams beaten by a good player, clearly not 100 percent healthy (hammy/shoulder), but give him credit for fighting up and through, though he did hit receiver too early and it easily could have been PI.
4-9 at Fs35 Timeout Florida State, clock 08:05. FSU has too many men on the field on the punt team. Unreal. Attention to detail.
4-9 at Fs35 Clock 08:05, TEAM rush for loss of 9 yards to the FS44, fumble by TEAM recovered by OSU Davis, Eric at FS44. Snap hits the upback. #College.
Drive: 6 plays, 17 yards, TOP 01:34
1-10 at Fs44 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 08:01.
1-10 at Fs44 11 gun Clock 08:01, Winston, J. pass incomplete to Greene, R., QB hurry by Hautau, Ofa. Barron gets beat by the nose guard and rushes Winston, however, this is blitz and I suspect Kermit Whitfield should have hot adjusted this. Instead, he and all the other receivers are deep.
2-10 at Fs44 21 Clock 07:54, Williams, K. rush for 14 yards to the OSU42, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds. Toss sweep, fantastic blocks by Stevenson, Erving and Jackson.
1-10 at Osu42 21 pony Clock 07:30, Williams, K. rush for loss of 1 yard to the OSU43 (Simmons, Ryan;Sterns, Jordan). OSU plays this very well, beats some blocks, think Williams needs to bounce it and read Pender's block. Barron does a good job redirecting the blocker who beats him initially. Erving gets pushed too far deep and doesn't have good enough leverage to force his man wide.
2-11 at Osu43 21 pony Clock 07:00, Winston, J. pass complete to Pender, M. for no gain to the OSU43 (Furman, Josh). Bad, bad read by Winston. Not a dangerous one, just not the right one. Williams is way more open than Pender and would have been one on one in space with a backer and already facing upfield.
3-11 at Osu43 10 gun Clock 06:16, Winston, J. rush for 5 yards to the OSU38 (Lampkin, Ashton;Leveni, Vili), PENALTY OSU holding (Lampkin, Ashton) 15 yards to the OSU28, 1ST DOWN FS, NO PLAY. FSU goes bunch to try some rub routes, pass pro is fine, Okie State tackled two of FSU's receivers according to Fisher.
1-10 at Osu28 10 gun Clock 05:39, Winston, J. rush for 28 yards to the OSU0, 1ST DOWN FS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 05:26. FSU was very eager to run this play. Fisher actually walks on to the field to tell scream snap the ball. Erving runs his man, as do Barron and Matias (key is to basically take them where they want to go and exaggerate it so hole is obvious for QB), poor block by Williams, but Matias is fantastic, getting downfield to cut, then getting down to let Winston hurdle him, and of course Winston is nasty here. Great block downfield from true freshman Rudolph to help Jameis finish it, too - that will keep him on the field for Dawsey.

Aguayo, R. kick attempt good.
Florida State 27, OSU 17
1-G at Fs35 Clock 05:26, Aguayo, R. kickoff 61 yards to the OSU4, Hill, Tyreek return 20 yards to the OSU24 (Stevenson, F.).
Drive: 5 plays, 56 yards, TOP 02:39
1-10 at Osu24 OSU drive start at 05:22.
1-10 at Osu24 425 Clock 05:22, Walsh, J.W. pass complete to Sheperd, B. for 16 yards to the OSU40, 1ST DOWN OSU (Ramsey, J.). Give OSU credit for a nice PA here. Backer in the flat almost bats this down. Great throw and catch beats tight man coverage from Ramsey.
1-10 at Osu40 425 Clock 04:51, Hill, Tyreek rush for 12 yards to the FS48, 1ST DOWN OSU (Hunter, T.). Edwards and Nothrup read this beautifully, but Edwards is too aggressive in going for the kill shot and misses! 2 yard loss into a gain of 12. Hill's speed punishes the missed tackle - most players take that for maybe five yards, but not twelve.
1-10 at Fs48 425 Clock 04:36, Hill, Tyreek rush for 5 yards to the FS43 (Northrup, R.). FSU not fully aligned, inside zone, OL out on backers immediately. Poor job, well done by OSU w/ tempo. Good job by Northrup to keep good leverage and make a tackle despite being blocked.
2-5 at Fs43 425 Clock 03:56, Roland, Desmond rush for 1 yard to the FS42 (LawrenceStample). Nice job overall by DL but especially NLS who stacks and sheds. Edwards does a good job occupying 2 OL and Mitchell does a good job shedding as well.
3-4 at Fs42 416 Clock 03:19, Walsh, J.W. pass incomplete to Glidden, David. Excellent coverage by FSU here, probably uncalled hold on Okie State. Walker with the pressure, did lose contain due to the aforementioned hold.
4-4 at Fs42 Clock 03:13, Smith, Kip punt 31 yards to the FS11, fair catch by Greene, R..
Drive: 5 plays, 34 yards, TOP 02:16
1-10 at Fs11 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 03:06.
1-10 at Fs11 21 pony Clock 03:06, Pender, M. rush for 9 yards to the FS20 (Ogbah, Emmanuel). Zone read with an X block and well blocked. Pender gets the yards and then spin moves for a few more. Shows good vision and quickness in the hole to avoid OL being driven back and get extra yards instead of bouncing it outside.
2-1 at Fs20 21 Clock 02:29, Williams, K. rush for no gain to the FS20 (Simmons, Ryan). I think there is a cutback here, as Okie State has eight in box and flows hard playside. But nice play by OSU LB, well done. Cutback lane was there on backside. Don't blame Karlos for not taking it, had Stevenson been able to hold his block, good chance he makes the first down.
3-1 at Fs20 22 Clock 01:51, Williams, K. rush for 9 yards to the FS29, 1ST DOWN FS (Flowers, Tre). Okie State has ten men w/in 3 yards of LOS. O'Leary and Stevenson nice blocks. FSU lines up in heavy sets and runs stretch - run what you do well when you need it to do well.
1-10 at Fs29 21 Clock 01:18, Winston, J. pass incomplete to Pender, M.. OSU corner blitz, FSU has great pass protection, guessing (can't see) that someone needed to break off a route. Winston had all day, may not have seen open man if there was one.
2-10 at Fs29 10 gun Clock 01:09, Winston, J. pass complete to Greene, R. for 5 yards to the FS34, out-of-bounds. Good pass pro handling a stunt, Winston to Greene gets back to nice 3rd down distance.
3-5 at Fs34 11 gun Clock 00:40, Winston, J. pass complete to Greene, R. for 4 yards to the FS38, out-of-bounds (Peterson, Kevin). Good throw, good catch, pass pro is OK handling a difficult blitz (Jackson beat late), but just a nice play by the CB to prevent the first down.
Drive: 6 plays, 27 yards, TOP 03:15
Florida State 27, OSU 17