UPDATE: Citadel player apologizes, to be disciplined


This comment was posted on an article in the Post And Courrier, a newspaper covering The Citadel. The player making the comment is Victor Hill, No. 67, the right guard for the Citadel. Florida State lost both of its starting defensive tackles to leg injuries, and a reserve defensive lineman as well, due to cut blocks from The Citadel.

Update: a solid source tells Tomahawk Nation that The Citadel coaches and administration are aware of the comment and will handle the situation appropriately.

Official Statement from Coach Houston on comments from OL Victor Hill ... "In no way does one player's words reflect the philosophy and mindset of our program, player and coaches.I am very disappointed in Victor [Hill]'s choice of words and the matter is being addressed appropriately. The Citadel football program strives to do things in a 1st Class manner. Disciplinary action will be handled accordingly"

Apology from Hill ... "I would like to sincerely apologize for my statements this morning. I am both embarrassed and ashamed of my comments. They reflect in no way, shape or form how I am taught or coached to perform. I am truly sorry for my immature comments that were made out of frustration. It was senseless on my part and I will accept the consequences for my actions and hope to grow from the experience moving forward. I apologize to Coach Jimbo Fisher, his players and the FSU fans for my negative remarks."