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Florida State injuries: Eddie Goldman, Nile Lawrence-Stample, Justin Shanks

Eddie Goldman in boot and using cane
Eddie Goldman in boot and using cane

On Saturday against the Citadel, Florida State had three defensive tackles leave the game due to lower-leg injuries: Eddie Goldman, Nile Lawrence-Stample, and Justin Shanks. Goldman and Lawrence-Stample are starters, and the dropoff from the pair to the reserves is rather steep, and a concern held by FSU fans entering the season.

Some of the injured were a result of The Citadel's blocking for its triple option -- blocks that by a Citadel player's own admission (later denied by a hollow apology), were intended to injure.

Florida State has a bye this week before the huge game upcoming against Clemson, and could be in real trouble if it doesn't have at least one of Goldman and Nile Lawrence-Stample.

What are the chances of the pair playing in the game?

Defensive end Mario Edwards, Jr., on Saturday night, seemed hopeful after speaking with the pair.

Eddie Goldman was wearing a large brace on his foot and lower leg after the game, and using a crutch. Mario Edwards, Jr., said that Goldman told him that it was a sprained ankle and that he should be fine.

Edwards, Jr. also said that Nile Lawrence-Stample told him he was fine (ankle), and that he observed Lawrence-Stample doing some "high knees" on the sideline and stretching out.

Neither player returned to the game, and I did not observe Lawrence-Stample on the sideline doing what Edwards, Jr. described.

Monday, two sources told Tomahawk Nation that the x-rays and MRIs are done, and that none of the trio have been ruled out for the Clemson game, and that they are optimistic that they'll be able to play.

Thats a positive sign, though the sources would not speculate as to how much, or how well they'd be able to play against the Tigers -- but FSU isn't likely to use players who are completely ineffective due to injury.

All three players are receiving treatment multiple times per day, and Jimbo Fisher does not have media availability until Tuesday, so no further updates are expected until then at the earliest.