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The 2014 Tomahawk Nation Tommy Awards: Comment of the Year

The people's award.

Another year of talkin' 'bout the 'Noles has come and gone. It's time for a little self-adulation. These are the Tommy Awards, in which we bestow the site's highest honor upon a lucky few. All year you've worked in pursuit of this hallowed internet cred. Let's see how you did.

Our final category in this year's Tommy Awards is Comment of the Year. Before we vote for this award, however, please make sure that you've voted for all of our previous categories.

DocHoliday2 MS Paint/Photoshop Award

Fanpost of the Year

Story of the Year

Now, let's get to it. Please click the "context" link to view each comment in its natural habitat.

A.) From the Nick O'Leary motorcycle crash thread:



2.) From the Jameis Winston settlement demand thread:


D.) From the Jimbo Fisher All-Time TE team thread:


IV.) From a FSU logo/uniform change thread:


Green.) From the Bobo Wilson arrest thread


$.) From a practice report thread:


Bronze.) From the Jameis Winston stray dog thread:


Let's vote!