Code of Conduct transcript in full


I know many of you have asked for it and I just happened to find it after searching for a while. Wow, comparing her story to what the TPD and SAO reports say will show just how much she changed her story. When cross examining Investigator Newlin, she asks him has she been consistent. She asks if she has been consistent in specific statements that everyone already knows. She stayed away from parts of her story that she changed completely on several occasions (which is about 99% of her story). She tries to make it sound like she never changed her story by saying: " I never specifically said to you that I was hit on the head, correct?" to which Newlin replied correct. Then saying: "And I never specifically said to you that I was drugged; is that correct?" to which Newlin replied "I do not recall". She then confirms parts of the story that everyone has already known such as: In all of those prior statements I said that I was at the bar with my friends, right?, And that I couldn't remember leaving the bar?. Just read the article see that she deliberately steered clear of about 90% of her story. She also said for the first time that Winston violently slammed her head onto the floor. Not only did she not mention this to the nurse, but she did not mention it in any of the police investigations or state attorney investigations. I believe that her witnesses were coached because they had over a year to rehearse their stories. She wanted them to testify that she was traumatized and isolated. They were coached to testify that she changed from outgoing to recluse, even though there are photos of her going out and about and going to football games and date nights and sorority Christmas parties. The only people testifying about her being recluse are her own friends and they have every reason in the universe to lie for her. Maybe they believe her but decided to greatly exaggerate her testimony to help her get justice. Monique Kessler was the only one who actually sounded as if she was telling the truth. You notice that she did not ask Monique about her demeanor. She also did not ask her about how she was in the months following. She also did not question her in depth about the text. She only asked her about the next day when they tried to find it after she told Erica about it. Monique felt like it had been deleted because she was adamant about her seeing it. And if you read her statement in SAO reports you will see her state that Erica asked her if she should go meet the person. Erica did not question her about that part. It seems as if she was not willing to follow the script that the accuser and her attorneys wanted her to follow. It's clear that she may have been willing to but decided to tell the truth. I have a blog and will be doing an entry about this.