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Florida State football, recruiting news: Rainy weather blues

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- Safid Deen at the Tallahassee Democrat notes it's not only the QB and OL that's causing the FSU offense to struggle.

"I understand what Coach is talking about because I had that problem at first," Wilson said Tuesday. "It’s about maturing. You have to grow up.

"It’s different from high school where you’re the star player, and sometimes you don’t even have to practice. Now you’re in college and you have to practice, and that’s maturity. Everything is maturity."

- Also from Safid: the weather at Wake looks to be rainy so FSU is practicing with wet balls.

- Co-worker Corey Clark puts the SEC in his sights. Butch Jones' poor game day coaching is bad but many coaches, such as Jimbo Fisher, consistently struggle with this sort of thing. Coaches are, by nature, conservative but Jones' decision was one of the more extreme examples.

Field position has not helped the offense this year Bob Ferrante, from 247 Sports, writes.

- As Steve Berkowitz from USA Today writes while the NCAA won this round the war is not over in their refusal to pay athletes.