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Early observation: Florida State using Everett Golson's legs, Dalvin Cook is unfair

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

On the first touchdown of the night to put Florida State up 7-0 against Miami, Florida State finally used Everett Golson's legs, running the QB on the option for the first time all season. Everyone knew Golson could run, but until now Florida State had not used Golson on any option plays and really had not threatened defenses with his legs much at all throughout the season.

On the play, Golson did a great job of threatening the defender and pitched so late and so close to the sideline that the other Miami defender committed to him as well, leaving Dalvin Cook wide open.

To end a great drive of playcalling in the first quarter, Everett Golson flipped the ball out to Dalvin Cook singled up on Miami linebacker Raphael Kirby, a major mismatch for the backer, and Dalvin Cook did the rest, scooting 36 yards for the score. FSU used formation to keep Miami's linebackers on the field.

As of this writing, FSU leads Miami 17-10 with 11 minutes left in the third quarter.