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Florida State football: Opponent Recap - Week 6

Updates on Florida State football opponents are ordered as they appear(ed) on FSU's schedule.

- Texas State fell to 1-4 after losing to Louisiana-Lafayette 49-27. The third quarter has been a sore spot for the Bobcats this year.

- South Florida used 3 turnovers and a lot of offense to beat Syracuse (Week 9, 10/31). It's a tough loss for the Orange, who were coming off a bye week.

- Boston College lost 3-0 to Wake Forest by fumbling the ball on the goal line near the end of the game. Somethings cannot be explained.

"It was a great, great defensive game,’’ said Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson. "It was a field position game and I thought both teams played well. In the last two minutes, both teams did everything they could to give the other team the game. They made one more mistake than us.’’

- Miami hung tough against Florida State but for the 6th time in a row came up short. SotU has finally hit stage 7: acceptance.

- Louisville (Week 7, 10/17) had a bye.

- Georgia Tech (Week 8, 10/24) continues it's struggles with a loss to Clemson  (Week 9, 11/10). The Jackets have had a bunch of injuries but are really struggling mentally with the game.

Johnson didn’t think that Clemson did anything different than any other team, saying the Tigers did the same stuff that North Carolina did in last week’s loss. Johnson said the team just can’t get out of its own way. It started with not being able to relay the right call on Tech’s first play on offense and continued.

He said the same self-destructive behaviors happened at Duke.

"I don’t know about negative mindsets," he said. "Honest to god, I think if you can try too hard, I think they want to do well and it’s like, it just creates more issues and then when it started like it did, then it just snowballs."

- North Carolina State (Week 11, 11/14) lost to Virginia Tech on Thursday night 28-13. Despite starting another year 4-0 the Wolfpack are once again struggling to win conference games.

- Chattanooga (Week 12, 11/21) beat Furman 31-3 in a game where everything came up Mocs.

- Florida (Week 13, 11/28) continues to cruise through their SEC slate with a 21-3 over Missouri and in a surprise to many are the team to beat in the SEC East.