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FSU Basketball: Come Jam with Ham (and Bacon): Update Thread

Basketball season is only a month away, and this should be pretty entertaining.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, the mens basketball team continued their second week of fall practice. The Noles spent time doing a variety of drills, working on everything from in-bounds plays, to transition scoring, to offensive rebound put-backs. The general energy level seemed solid and learning was happening everywhere I looked--which is always a good sign when you have at least four newcomers looking to contribute right away.

But now comes some real fun.

Tonight, fans can get their first look at the team during the annual Jam with Ham event. And shout out to the folks who put it together because this year it seems to have something for everyone...not the least of which is some pretty talented youngsters.

You like basketball? There will be a scrimmage (which should be pretty competitive thanks to a roster that goes 10-11 deep).

You like dunks? There's a dunk contest, featuring the reigning McDonald's All-America Slam Dunk Champion and another freshman who just might steal the show.

You like threes? There's a three point contest. Devon Bookert would be my presumed favorite, but keep in mind that Benji Bell shot over 40% from three in JUCO ball last year. Oh and then there's that guy who scored 30 points in 4 minutes last year.

You like hip hop? Travis Porter is gonna make it rain.

You like beer? Well, it's $2 drinks while supplies last!

You like autographs? Show up early and come get some.

And did I mention all of this is happening with FREE ADMISSION?! Not a bad way to spend a Friday night.

If you aren't luck enough to be in Tally tomorrow, I'm sorry. But the good news is, Jam with Ham will be streaming on as well. So you can at least watch and charge yourself $2 for beer from your fridge.

Rogner and I decided to have this be the "game thread" as well, so let's hear it, TN Community. What will you be looking for from the veterans? What about the freshman? Who are you most excited to see? Any predictions for the dunk and three point contest?

Tomahawk Nation will be providing live updates in the comments section below.