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Jimbo Fisher call-in show takeaways: Georgia Tech week

Coach Fisher took part in his weekly call-in show Wednesday night, answering questions from callers, audience members, and people on Twitter.

Coach Fisher and Gene Deckerhoff during a commercial break of the call-in show
Coach Fisher and Gene Deckerhoff during a commercial break of the call-in show
Curt Weiler

At the halfway point of the regular season, Jimbo Fisher returned to his weekly call-in show Wednesday night, answering questions on last weekend's Louisville game, this weekend's Georgia Tech game, as well as some questions that looked past this week into the later portion of the season. Here are my takeaways from this week's show:

Who will play star?

With Trey Marshall out for the remainder of the 2015 season with a torn bicep, there were numerous questions about who will take over in Marshall's star position going forward. One caller asked if Jalen Ramsey would move back to the star position that brought him great success last season while a Twitter question wondered if Javien Elliott would see time as the star. Fisher detailed that both of those are possible. The drawback with moving Ramsey back there is that the team would lose an elite cornerback. In the end, Fisher made it seem that they will be throwing a variety of people into that spot, keeping a steady rotation of players in the game. He made a point of listing Ramsey, Elliott, and the freshmen who have been progressing (Derwin James, Tarvarus McFadden, Marcus Lewis).

Dominant rush defense

Gene Deckerhoff dropped his weekly stat of the week, enlightening the fan base to exactly how impressive Florida State's rush defense has been. He mentioned that, through the first six games, Dalvin Cook has ten rushing touchdowns. On the other side of the ball, the FSU defense has allowed only one rushing touchdown through the first half of their regular season, the fewest rushing touchdowns allowed by an FBS team this season.

Difficulty of defending triple option

Near the end of the show, one caller asked about the difficulties of defending a triple option offense like the one run by Georgia Tech. Fisher said that it takes an incredible amount of discipline, citing how the scheme goes against what players are taught under normal circumstances. Normally, a player would be told to make a play on the ball carrier if they were in the area and able to. However, with GT's offense, you have to play assignment defense, meaning each player on defense is responsible for covering one offensive player. Because of this, the players must fight their natural instinct to attempt a tackle if their assigned player is not the ball carrier. This is the main reason why so many teams struggle at times with defending the triple option.

For a full recap of the show, check my updates in the comment section at the bottom of the page.