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FSU football film review: Louisville 2nd quarter

Every week we break down the result of the previous Florida State game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Louisville? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

Read to find out. Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

For other quarters, visit the film review section (All quarters up by Wednesday evening).

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2-4 at Lou36 Start of 2nd quarter, clock 15:00.
2-4 at Lou36 11 Pistol 6-Everett Golson sideline pass complete to 8W-Kermit Whitfield for 4 yards to the LOU32, 1ST DOWN FS (25-Josh Harvey-Clemons), clock 14:48. Slant flat concept to the field. With the safety playing well off, Golson hits the slant for an easy four yards and a first down. Take the free yards.
1-10 at Lou32 10 Pistol 6-Everett Golson sideline pass complete to 15-Travis Rudolph for 5 yards to the LOU27 (13-James Burgess), clock 14:22. Flat screen to the boundary. Keep throwing it until they stop it.
2-5 at Lou27 12 Gun Bunch 6-Everett Golson middle pass complete to 81-Ryan Izzo for 12 yards to the LOU15, 1ST DOWN FS (25-Josh Harvey-Clemons), clock 13:47. Triangle read from bunch. Really nice job of hitting Izzo on the vertical in the seam against the blitz.
1-10 at Lou15 21 Bunch 6-Everett Golson screen pass incomplete to 4-Dalvin Cook, QB hurry by 14-Drew Bailey, clock 13:27. Play action screen to Cook is blown up when the weakside DE is unblocked. Looks like Izzo's man but may have been a blown assignment by Derrick Kelly.
2-10 at Lou15 10 Gun Trips 6-Everett Golson sideline pass incomplete to 15-Travis Rudolph, QB hurry by 91-Trevon Young, clock 13:20. It's Mavety's turn to give up an ugly pressure right up the middle. Really good job of escaping and getting rid of it in the vicinity of a receiver by Golson.
3-10 at Lou15 Timeout Florida State, clock 13:20.
3-10 at Lou15 11 Gun 6-Everett Golson crossing pass incomplete to 8W-Kermit Whitfield, clock 13:16. Can't see the route but it sure looks like a nice throw leading Whitfield away from the defender. Would have been a great grab.
4-10 at Lou15 19-Roberto Aguayo field goal attempt from 32 GOOD, clock 13:12.
Louisville 7, Florida State 6
Drive: 12 plays, 60 yards, TOP 04:13
19-Roberto Aguayo kickoff 64 yards to the LOU1, 4-Corvin Lamb return 13 yards to the LOU14, out-of-bounds (37-Keelin Smith), PENALTY LOU illegal block (9-Traveon Smauel) 7 yards to the LOU7, 1st and 10, LOU ball on LOU7.
1-10 at Lou07 LOUISVILLE drive start at 13:07.
1-10 at Lou07 4-2-5 23-Brandon Radcliff rush up middle for 4 yards to the LOU11 (9-Josh Sweat;5-Reggie Northrup), clock 12:39. Packaged play, inside zone with a bubble. Both Nnadi and NLS get blown off the ball with double teams. Nice recovery by Sweat to contribute to the tackle.
2-6 at Lou11 4-2-5 8-Lamar Jackson sideline pass incomplete to 2-Jamari Staples (99-Nile LawrenceStample), clock 12:26. Quick hitch pass is broken up by NLS.
3-6 at Lou11 4-2-5 8-Lamar Jackson slant pass complete to 87-Jaylen Smith for 9 yards to the LOU20, 1ST DOWN LOU (37-Keelin Smith), clock 12:18. FSU rushes five from the prowler look and doesn't get home. FSU is playing well off in the secondary to avoid giving up a big play and the slant underneath is wide open.
1-10 at Lou20 4-2-5 8-Lamar Jackson sacked for loss of 7 yards to the LOU13 (99-Nile LawrenceStample), clock 11:31. Great job of hand fighting by NLS to keep the OL out of his chest, then accelerating to the QB.
2-17 at Lou13 4-2-5 8-Lamar Jackson rush option right for no gain to the LOU13 (99-Nile LawrenceStample), clock 10:57. Derrick Nnadi completely blows by the backside guard on speed option and takes the QB down from behind.
3-17 at Lou13 4-2-5 8-Lamar Jackson sacked for loss of 1 yard to the LOU12 (16-Jacob Pugh), clock 10:25. FSU rushes 6 and Jackson panics and flees the pocket. There were receivers open downfield if he stands in the pocket.
4-18 at Lou12 40-Josh Appleby punt 36 yards to the LOU48, 3-Jesus Wilson return 0 yards to the LOU48 (32-Stacy Thomas).
Drive: 6 plays, 5 yards, TOP 03:15 Nnadi and NLS beasted on this series after getting blown up on the first play.
1-10 at Lou48 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 09:52.
1-10 at Lou48 PENALTY FS false start (78-Wilson Bell) 5 yards to the FS47, clock 09:52.
1-15 at Fs47 TM-TEAM rush up middle for no gain to the FS47 (97-DeAngelo Brown), clock 09:18. Busted play as half the team stops thinking there's going to be a false start.
Previous play was a premature snap and busted play.
2-15 at Fs47 PENALTY FS false start (77-Roderick Johnson) 5 yards to the FS42, clock 09:10.
2-20 at Fs42 11 Gun 4-Dalvin Cook rush over right guard for 3 yards to the FS45 (55-Keith Kelsey;13-James Burgess), clock 08:38. Power is pretty well blocked. Nice pull by Mavety. Really good scrape and fill by the Louisville backer.
3-17 at Fs45 PENALTY LOU offside defense (99-James Hearns) 5 yards to the 50 yardline, clock 08:14.
3-12 at Fs50 00 Gun Empty 6-Everett Golson sacked for loss of 10 yards to the FS40 (91-Trevon Young), clock 07:43. Derrick Kelly gets beat around the edge by a pure speed rush that gets to Golson just at the end of his drop. The post was wide open, too.
4-22 at Fs40 38-Cason Beatty punt 60 yards to the LOU0, touchback.
Drive: 3 plays, minus 12 yards, TOP 02:40 This offense cannot consistently overcome getting behind schedule due to penalties/negative plays.
1-10 at Lou20 LOUISVILLE drive start at 07:12.
1-10 at Lou20 4-2-5 23-Brandon Radcliff rush over right end for 1 yard to the LOU21 (1H-Tyler Hunter;91-Derrick Nnadi), clock 06:51. T-scheme run, with the playside guard pulling around the tackle. Great job by Hunter of breaking down and not giving the back anywhere to cut.
2-9 at Lou21 4-2-5 8-Lamar Jackson crossing pass complete to 2-Jamari Staples for 20 yards to the LOU41, 1ST DOWN LOU (1H-Tyler Hunter), clock 06:22. Bit of a trick play by Louisville as they fake a receiver screen then hit the vertical behind it. Nice play. Hunter is actually in pretty good coverage considering the deception involved in the play. Jackson has to make a very good throw and Hunter is right there to make the tackle.
1-10 at Lou41 4-2-5 8-Lamar Jackson rush right for 1 yard to the LOU42 (42-Lamarcus Brutus), clock 05:59. FSU brings a safety into the box, something the have done very little of all game. Good timing as Jackson pulls on zone read and Brutus does a great job of pursuing from inside out.
2-9 at Lou42 4-2-5 8-Lamar Jackson sideline pass incomplete to 2-Jamari Staples, QB hurry by 1M-Derrick Mitchell Jr., clock 05:45. Derrick Mitchell whips the Louisville guard and flushes Jackson out of the pocket, where he is unable to hit the receiver on the sideline coming back to the ball. Jackson is a tremendous athlete but is not at all accurate on the run outside the pocket.
3-9 at Lou42 4-2-5 8-Lamar Jackson rush quarterback scramble for 6 yards to the LOU48 (3J-Derwin James), clock 05:20. Not sure if this is a designed QB draw, but Jackson is looking to run the whole way. Good job by James and others of staying alert for the scramble and bringing Jackson down short of the line of scrimmage.
4-3 at Lou48 40-Josh Appleby punt 43 yards to the FS9, fair catch by 3-Jesus Wilson.
Drive: 5 plays, 28 yards, TOP 02:15
1-10 at Fs09 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 04:57.
1-10 at Fs09 12 Tight 4-Dalvin Cook rush right for 5 yards to the FS14 (55-Keith Kelsey), clock 04:40. Inside zone is blocked very nicely. The combo of the nose between Hoefeld and Mavety is particularly well executed. Lousiville fits the run nicely and Cook bounces it around the edge.
2-5 at Fs14 21 Tight 4-Dalvin Cook rush right for 6 yards to the FS20, 1ST DOWN FS (1A-Keith Brown), clock 04:12. Zone counter. Inside zone left with a designed bend backside. Really nice block on the backside linebacker by Freddie Stevenson.
1-10 at Fs20 21 Tight 4-Dalvin Cook rush left for 2 yards to the FS22 (55-Keith Kelsey), clock 03:35. Counter run and Cook's lack of usual burst shows on this play. Normally he'd hit the afterburners and be around the corner for a big gain. On this run he cuts back inside and is tackled after a short gain.
2-8 at Fs22 10 Gun Trips 4-Dalvin Cook rush left for 6 yards to the FS28 (10-Jaire Alexander), clock 02:59. Inside zone. Dalvin looks to cut back before the play has developed, then jump cuts back into the right hole. If he stays patient and allows the blocking to develop the play goes for a bigger gain.
3-2 at Fs28 10 Gun Trips 6-Everett Golson screen pass complete to 4-Dalvin Cook for 26 yards to the LOU46, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds, clock 02:18. Really good coverage by Louisville to the boundary and Golson is forced to spin out and dump it to Cook in the flat, who does Cook things with it. Good thing because he's the one who gave up the pressure in the first place. Great downfield blocking by Lane and Rudolph.
1-10 at Lou46 11 Pistol 6-Everett Golson wide receiver screen left pass complete to 15-Travis Rudolph for loss of 1 yard to the LOU47 (15-Trumaine Washington), clock 01:41. Flat screen. FSU has run this concept enough that Louisville is starting to attack it. Hope Jimbo has some fakes off of this.
2-11 at Lou47 11 Gun Trey 6-Everett Golson thrown away pass incomplete to 1-Ermon Lane, QB hurry by 55-Keith Kelsey, clock 01:19. FSU is running a five man protection, meaning that blitzes from the secondary require the receivers to make site adjustments. The slot defender blitzes and Golson is expecting the slot receiver to run an out. When this doesn't happen, he launches it out of bounds in the vicinity of the receiver. Safe decision.
Injured player for Louisville is #95-Shortridge. Walks to sideline.
3-11 at Lou47 00 Gun Empty 6-Everett Golson sideline pass complete to 3-Jesus Wilson for 7 yards to the LOU40, out-of-bounds (15-Trumaine Washington), clock 01:11. Kelly gets beat on a speed rush, and Golson steps up into the pocket nicely, however he loses field vision and has to escape the pocket. Good job by Bobo of coming back to the QB.
4-4 at Lou40 38-Cason Beatty punt 31 yards to the LOU9, downed.
Drive: 8 plays, 51 yards, TOP 03:56
1-10 at Lou09 LOUISVILLE drive start at 01:01.
1-10 at Lou09 3-3-5 4A-L.J. Scott rush over left tackle for 17 yards to the LOU26, 1ST DOWN LOU (3J-Derwin James;29-Nate Andrews), clock 00:50. Lead zone play catches FSU in a 3 man line with Newberry at nose tackle.
1-10 at Lou26 4-2-5 4A-L.J. Scott rush up middle for 2 yards to the LOU28 (91-Derrick Nnadi), clock 00:19. FSU gets back to it's normal 4 man front and defends the draw play very well.
2-8 at Lou28 4-2-5 8-Lamar Jackson deep pass complete to 2-Jamari Staples for 25 yards to the FS47, 1ST DOWN LOU (42-Lamarcus Brutus), clock 00:04. Marquez White has flat responsibility but when he reads the vertical release and no receiver threatening the flat he's got to carry the vertical upfield and make the window in the zone much smaller than this.
1-10 at Fs47 Timeout Louisville, clock 00:04.
1-10 at Fs47 4-2-5 8-Lamar Jackson sacked for loss of 2 yards to the FS49 (44-DeMarcus Walker). Three man rush and Demarcus Walker gets home, almost losing the QB but able to grab the jersey and swing the QB down by it.
2-12 at Fs49 End of half, clock 00:00.
Drive: 4 plays, 42 yards, TOP 01:01
Louisville 7, Florida State 6