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Florida State Dalvin Cook knee injury rumor appears to be hoax

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday afternoon, fans of Florida State and the Florida Gators began tweeting and facebooking about a supposed knee injury to Florida State superstar Dalvin Cook, claiming that he had suffered a non-contact knee injury and was due to undergoe an MRI.

Practice is closed Wednesday, and Cook did not practice Tuesday (ongoing hamstring issue), so immediately I suspected the claim was dubious.

It appears to be a hoax, but one accompanied by a crude photoshopped update from Bleacher Report -- an aggregation outlet that does not even cover Florida State on a day-to-day basis.

Several things appear off here.

First, the font on this does not match the font from other Bleacher Report updates. Second, in another version, the word "rumored" is spelled using the British spelling. Third, the line spacing is off. This is a horrible photoshop and in no way should have fooled FSU fans. Fourth, Bleacher Report really does not break news of this type.

Just to be sure, I was going to reach out to B/R employees, but they instead reached out to me, indicating that they could not find the update in their own app.