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College football rankings: Florida State falls to No. 15 in Coaches Poll, No. 17 in AP Poll

The Seminoles tumble down the Coaches Poll after their loss to Georgia Tech.

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Florida State has fallen to No. 15 in the Coaches Poll. View the full rankings here.

Florida State also fell  to No. 17 in the AP Poll. View the full rankings here.

You can find both polls on the bottom of this post.

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Things now become every so interesting with the 22-16 loss by Florida State.

The Noles came into the GT game ranked #9 in the AP polls, however that will surely change. The Noles could wind up anywhere between 13-17. Ranked teams #15 TAMU and #3 Utah both lost, however everyone currently ranked 10-14 won. It is up to the voters on how they see Florida State's loss against #15 Michigan's or #17 Oklahoma's big wins and if they value those teams one loss over a Georgia Tech loss.

The coaches poll also had Florida State ranked #9. The Seminoles had a much larger lead over #10 Notre Dame and should only fall a few spots, and not as far as in the AP. #10 Notre Dame, #11 Stanford, #12 Oklahoma State and #13 Iowa should all jump FSU, which would ultimately place the Noles at #13.

Despite being a 3-5 Georgia Tech team, the Yellow Jackets losses are all to quality teams that are taken into consideration in both top 25 polls (Notre Dame, Duke, Clemson, North Carolina, Pittsburgh).

Coaches AP
1 Ohio State (49) Ohio State (39)
2 Baylor (10) Baylor (7)
3 TCU (2) Clemson (6)
4 LSU (1) LSU (5)
5 Michigan State TCU (3)
6 Clemson (1) Michigan State
7 Alabama Alabama (1)
8 Stanford Stanford
9 Notre Dame Notre Dame
10 Oklahoma State Iowa
11 Iowa Florida
12 Florida Oklahoma State
13 Oklahoma Utah
14 Utah Oklahoma
15 Florida State Michigan
16 Memphis Memphis
17 Michigan Florida State
18 Duke Houston
19 Houston Ole Miss
20 Toledo Toledo
21 Ole Miss Temple
22 Temple Duke
23 Georgia Pitt
24 Pitt UCLA
25 UCLA Mississippi State