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Florida State football: Opponent Recap - Week 8

You can still be happy. Just remember last week, like these folks.
You can still be happy. Just remember last week, like these folks.

Updates on Florida State football opponents are ordered as they appear(ed) on FSU's schedule.

- Texas State beat South Alabama by a score of 36-16. The Bobcats capped the game with a kick 6. Can you imagine how that must feel for South Alabama?!?!

- South Florida overtook Chad Morris's SMU 38-14. QB Quinton Flowers had a record day in the romp of the Mustangs.

- Offense was optional during the Thursday night tilt of Louisville at Boston College but the cardinals got the win with the more dominating night.

- NC State (Week 11, 11/14) used a big 1st quarter to propel themselves to a win over Wake Forest 35-17. 4 touchdowns of over 50 yards in a quarter could be considered problematic by some.

"Right now," Clawson said, "we are a really poor tackling team against good people."

- Miami lost(what word is worse than lost?) 58-0 to Clemson (Week 10, 11/7). Dabo dance? Dabo dance. Al Golden is out and SotU has his eulogy.

- Georgia Tech took advantage of FSU's red zone issues and hit a few big plays late to beat the Noles 22-16. Oh, that's the what that feels like.

- Syracuse (Week 9, 10/31) played Pitt tough but lost on a last second field goal 23-20. The Panther's final drive lasted 19 plays and included a fake punt.

- Chattanooga (Week 12, 11/21) upended Wofford 20-17.

- Florida (Week 13, 11/28) had a bye

Record of Opponents: 49-37