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Florida State football, recruiting news: How bad has FSU been in red zone?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

- Jared Shanker of ESPN points out that although the GT loss was unexpected, FSU's current situation is quite expected based on preseason projections.

There was something to be said about the Seminoles' winning ways despite looking lackluster at times the last couple of seasons. But without the Jameis Winston trump card, the losses would eventually come.

Now they're here, which means Florida State is where most people expected them to be before the season.

- In the wake of Al Golden's firing, Fox Sports' Bruce Feldman shares his list of possible replacements for the Miami job.

- Wayne McGahee, publisher for Nole Digest, examines exactly how bad Florida State has been in the red zone.

The Florida State offense has ran 76 offensive plays inside the redzone since the Texas State game. Nearly half, 35, have been negative plays. The Seminoles have had 11 runs for no gain or negative yards, 5 penalties, 26 incomplete passes, 2 sacks, and 1 interception. The Seminoles have lacked the execution and discipline needed to succeed in the redzone.

- Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated analyzes each P5 conference's College Football Playoff chances, along with plenty more in his weekly Punt, Pass, and Pork column.

Recruiting: Zach McCloud, a 2016 4* OLB and one of the few current Miami commits who Florida State would be interested in pursuing, will be visiting FSU in the coming weeks.