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Jameis Winston having a strong rookie year, but not yet better than Cam Newton

Let's pump the brakes a bit.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Following a quality performance at Washington, some fans have posited on social media that Jameis Winston should be considered for some high accolades due to his comparable statistics to another oft-mentioned name, Cam Newton.


via @BBarker1020 on Twitter

What this image does not mention, however, is that many of Winston's statistics have come in garbage time due to playing for the very bad Tampa Bay Bucs. Additionally, the stats presented do not account for the rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns that Newton has added in six games. Now, Winston is definitely having a solid rookie campaign to date, particularly considering his terrible offensive line. And it's also true that a significant NFL justification for awards is the ridiculous concept of "quarterback wins," a category in which Jameis will necessarily lag behind this season. But fans would be well-advised to relax and look forward to what will hopefully be a long and successful career as one of the league's elite signal-callers, even if Winston hasn't reached that status just yet.