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Nolecast: Florida State rebuilding year still on track after Georgia Tech loss

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith Please rate, review and then subscribe to The Nolecast on iTunes. Our show notes are as follows, and for the most part the podcast follows them.

  • Offense

    • Issues were evident in wins

      • FSU showed it had an elite gear against Louisville, and we wanted to believe it could go there frequently, but as it turned out, BC/Wake/Miami was truer reflection of what this team is

      • Players, like fans, don't always take those issues seriously after wins. After losses, fans overreact, players may listen to coaches a bit more.

    • Young teams do not grow on a straight line. They do not get better every week. They have ups and downs throughout the season. We warned fans their idea of how it works is not how it works.

    • Big plays or bust -- the offense is extremely dependent on big plays, like we said in the preseason.

    • Tiny receivers in the red zone

    • OL awful getting to second level

    • Golson reading the wrong side of the field about 10% of the time

    • GT taking away the easy stuff successfully is very concerning when we think about what Florida and Clemson can do.

    • 200+ rushing yards to 3-straight opponents, held FSU under 100.

    • 23/16 RB to WR/TE touch ratio (basically OK, slightly less than 2/1)

  • Defense

    • Great! People need to realize the GT offense is very good, it's the GT defense that blows

    • DL was awesome

    • LB OK given limitations

      • One long run was on the backers, but GT broke out new formation and play I don't think it had run.

    • Derwin maybe could align a bit better but very impressed

  • Bigger picture

    • Where does this loss rank in the losses under Jimbo Fisher?

    • Teams do lose games, people who say Jimbo is the only coach who loses these games are morons.

      • But is it fair to ask why FSU has played 7 single-score games in the last two years against teams it has out-recruited? Yes. And if FSU played in the SEC, yes, it would likely have more losses. One reason is pace. FSU is 121st in pace, and it literally denies its great athletes opportunities to blow teams out by taking forever to get the playcall in. Speed it up and avoid playing so many close games.

  • Al Golden talk

    • Money

    • Recruits

      • Zach McCloud, Travis Homer