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Florida State football film review: Georgia Tech 1st quarter

Every week we break down the result of the previous Florida State game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Georgia Tech? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

Read to find out. Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

For other quarters, visit the film review section (All quarters up by Wednesday evening).

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D-D Spot Formation Play Analysis
Captains for FSU: #8, 44, #8W
GT wins the toss and defers. FSU will receive and attack the North
1-10 at Fs35 GT ball on GT35.
Butker, H. kickoff 65 yards to the FS0, touchback.
1-10 at Fs25 11 Pistol Trey Cook, D. rush for 6 yards to the FS31 (Golden, J.). Inside zone. Two great double teams at the point reestablish the LOS 4 yards downfield. The backside linebacker is unblocked and makes the tackle but only after a 6 yard gain.
2-4 at Fs31 21 Bunch Golson, E. pass complete to Stevenson, F. for loss of 4 yards to the FS27 (Golden, J.). Play action rollout, throw to the fullback in the flat. The backside contain defender is not fooled by the playaction at all and throws Stevenson for a loss.
3-8 at Fs27 11 Gun Tight Golson, E. pass complete to Cook, D. for 7 yards to the FS34 (Gray, A.;Austin, Law.). Georgia Tech gets great pressure, shrinking the pocket around Golson before the vertical routes have time to develop. Good job of getting the ball out to Cook, who is half a yard short of the first down.
4-1 at Fs34 Beatty, C. punt 51 yards to the GT15, Golden, J. return 1 yards to the GT16 (Gabbard, S.).
Drive: 3 plays, 9 yards, TOP 02:12 Negative play on 2nd down killed the drive.
1-10 at Gt16 GEORGIA TECH drive start at 12:48.
1-10 at Gt16 4-3 Lands-Davis, M. rush for 6 yards to the GT22 (James, D.;Hoskins, R.). Toss sweep. Marquez White is in position to make the tackle but gets cut and whiffs. DBs must fight through blocks and turn the runner back inside if they can't make the tackle.
2-4 at Gt22 4-3 Willis, I. rush for 1 yard to the GT23 (Hoskins, R.). Triple option. Hoskins slices through traffic from the deep MLB alignment to make the tackle on the pitch man. Nicely played.
3-3 at Gt23 3-3-5 Lynch, C. rush for 8 yards to the GT31, 1ST DOWN GT (Ramsey, J.). Not sure why FSU took a DL out of the game on 3rd and 3. GT was not going to pass. Ramsey steps inside when he is the force defender and FSU is outflanked on the edge.
1-10 at Gt31 4-3 Thomas, J. rush for 4 yards to the GT35 (Nnadi, D.). Triple option. Thomas pulls from the fullback at the very last second then fakes the pitch to create a lane for himself.
2-6 at Gt35 4-2-5 Thomas, J. pass complete to Lands-Davis, M. for loss of 1 yard to the GT34 (Hoskins, R.). Triple option. The pitch goes forward so this technically counts as a forward pass. Great job again by Hoskins of taking a nice angle and staying clear of traffic from the deepl MLB position.
3-7 at Gt34 4-2-5 Thomas, J. pass intercepted by Sweat, J. at the GT25, Sweat, J. return 6 yards to the GT19 (Braun, T.). FSU shows a double A gap blitz, then Northrup loops around into the B gap and is completely unblocked. Northrup forces the throw and Sweat trailing behind him gets up to bat the pass and then finds it in the air for the interception. Ridiculously athletic play. From a true freshman that nobody expected to play this year.
Drive: 6 plays, 18 yards, TOP 03:17
1-10 at Gt19 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 09:31.
1-10 at Gt19 10 Pistol Cook, D. rush for 17 yards to the GT2, 1ST DOWN FS (Milton, C.). Inside zone. Hoefeld gives ground but recovers enough to give Dalvin a lane. Nice block at the second level by Wilson Bell and a really tenacious block by Travis Rudolph.
1-G at Gt02 10 Gun Cook, D. rush for no gain to the GT2 (Gotsis, A.;Davis, P.). True zone read and Golson blows the read. The unblocked end chases the back and Golson hands anyway, allowing the DE to make the play from behind. Golson walks in untouched if he keeps.
2-G at Gt02 22 Cook, D. rush for no gain to the GT2 (Gamble, P.;Chungong, R.). Inside zone. Ryan Izzo fails to cut off the backside defensive end who crashes into an otherwise clear lane. Cook bounces it outside to try and get around the edge but can't. Really should have stuck it up in there for whatever he could get.
3-G at Gt02 Timeout Florida State, clock 07:22.
3-G at Gt02 11 Gun Golson, E. pass incomplete to Rudolph, T.. I think this is a touchdown. Inexcusable for the ACC replay official not to take another look at this and for Florida State not to challenge. With that being said, Rudolph needs to tighten up this route so that the QB has more room to put it outside without leading him out of bounds. No need to jump which causes him to go out of bounds. Keep feet grounded.
4-G at Gt02 Aguayo, R. field goal attempt from 20 GOOD, clock 07:14.
Florida State 3, Georgia Tech 0 Wrong decision to kick it here. This early in the game you need to maximize your expected points.
Drive: 5 plays, 17 yards, TOP 02:17
Aguayo, R. kickoff 65 yards to the GT0, touchback.
1-10 at Gt25 GEORGIA TECH drive start at 07:14.
1-10 at Gt25 4-3 Willis, I. rush for 7 yards to the GT32 (James, D.). Triple option. GT makes the first adjustment, sending the tackle on a loop block to cu Hoskins, who has pitch responsibility, leaving Derwin James to make the tackle upfield.
2-3 at Gt32 4-3 Willis, I. rush for 9 yards to the GT41, 1ST DOWN GT (James, D.). FSU switches up their assignments. Instead of the defensive end (Sweat) taking the dive and the linebacker (Northrup) taking the keep, they reverse assignments. This allows the offensive tackle to get a free release and cut Hoskins who has pitch responsibility. Right call at the right time by Paul Johnson.
1-10 at Gt41 4-3 Lynch, C. rush for 5 yards to the GT46 (Nnadi, D.). FSU reverts back to it's standard assignments but once again Hoskins gets cut by the tackle. Josh Sweat actually defends both the dive and the keep on this play and if Northrup recognized it he could have taken the pitch. Can't fault him for sticking to his assignment and playing the keep.
2-5 at Gt46 4-2-5 Thomas, J. rush for no gain to the GT46 (Elliott, J.). First true misdirection play of the night is defended beautifully. Wingback motion and the QB initially turns to the left, all indicating another triple option to the left, but the OL blocks counter trey to the right and the QB turns and follows. Tremendous defense by Demarcus Walker, taking on one of the pulling linemen in the backfield before they can turn upfield. This forces the ball carrier to run laterally and allows Javien Elliott to get outside leverage on the play. Elliott, at 5'11 and 176 lbs, takes on the second pulling lineman, sheds him and tackles the QB for no gain. Great defense.
3-5 at Gt46 4-2-5 Willis, I. rush for 14 yards to the FS40, 1ST DOWN GT (Brutus, L.). Triple option. GT is sending two guys every play to make sure they get Hoskins cut and it's leaving the pitch wide open.
1-10 at Fs40 4-2-5 Thomas, J. rush for loss of 2 yards to the FS42 (Walker, D.). FSU changes things up a little, bringing Hoskins back to normal backer depth and having the DL chip on any OL releasing upfield. This keeps Hoskins free and he's waiting along with Josh Sweat who has chipped an OL, started to make a tackle on the dive then threatened the QB all on the same play. Walker is unblocked from the backside and cleans up the play.
2-12 at Fs42 4-2-5 Marshall, M. rush for 6 yards to the FS36 (Hoskins, R.). This looks to be a blown assignment by Jacob Pugh. As the defensive end, he has dive responsibility, but he stays wide and is watching the QB, leaving a big lane for the dive.
3-6 at Fs36 Timeout Georgia Tech, clock 02:49.
3-6 at Fs36 4-2-5 Thomas, J. pass incomplete to Summers, M.. Thomas predetermines his throw here, launching a ball out of bounds on a well covered fade route. His slot receiver is open for the first down on a hitch route.
4-6 at Fs36 Butker, H. field goal attempt from 53 GOOD, clock 02:38.
Florida State 3, Georgia Tech 3
Drive: 9 plays, 39 yards, TOP 04:36 Great chess match between Johnson and Kelly. FSU just needs to avoid the big play and find a way to generate a negative play to get GT behind the sticks to stall the drive.
Butker, H. kickoff 65 yards to the FS0, touchback.
1-10 at Fs25 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 02:38.
1-10 at Fs25 21 Twins Cook, D. rush for 2 yards to the FS27 (Hunt, J.;Freeman, K.). Inside zone and Dalvin cuts back for no reason. The blocking is their playside and there's nothing backside. Poor vision on this play from Dalvin.
Offsetting Penalties: Offside Defense, Holding
2-8 at Fs27 10 Tight Golson, E. pass incomplete to Wilson, J.. Golson just overthrows a wide open Bobo Wilson on a vertical. This was six. Nice pass protection.
3-8 at Fs27 10 Gun Trips Golson, E. pass complete to Wilson, J. for 14 yards to the FS41, 1ST DOWN FS (Durham, S.). Dig route on the backside is wide open when both linebackers blitz. Nice read and throw and good job of moving to give the route time to develop by Golson.
1-10 at Fs41 10 Pistol Golson, E. rush for loss of 8 yards to the FS33, fumble by Golson, E. recovered by FS Cook, D. at FS33, Cook, D. for 1 yard to the FS34. The snap is not good, being hip height and off to the right, but Golson should have handled this. Nice alert play by Cook to pick it up and minimize the loss.
2-17 at Fs34 11 Gun Golson, E. sacked for loss of 2 yards to the FS32 (Gotsis, A.). Adam Gotsis beats Wilson Bell inside with a rip move and chases down Golson trying to escape from the pocket.