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Florida State football, recruiting news: Rebounding from a loss

- Brandon Sonnone, Orlando Sentinel, talks about the red zone issues that have plagued FSU this year.

If they were ready, don't you think they'd be playing?" Fisher asked. "We tried to actually hit (6-foot-5 freshman Auden Tate), he broke his toe. He broke his toe in practice or something the week before. So you lost that and the other guys are all experienced guys.

"...There is no magical dust or magical player or magical formula. It's what we've done. Last year we didn't have big guys. We were very good in the red zone. It's just about executing what we're doing."

In just a few short years FSU fans have seen the extreme positives and negatives of Jimbo Fisher's offense. When the players are able to execute it the offense runs great but lack of execution hurts this offense more than others due to it's emphasis on plays and not players.

- FSU players are looking to bounce back but are a bit unfamiliar with how to do so, writes Tom D'Angelo of the Palm Beach Post.

"With our senior leadership, we’re just going to keep the guys up," Northrup said. "I know what it feels like, three years ago when we played NC State when we lost to them guys. It’s tough. It sucks. But, hey, that’s part of the game. It’s college football."

Lawrence-Stample said the players talked about the game as they were breaking down the film.

"Once that’s over, just like every other game, good or bad we move on," he said.

- Safid Deen from the Tallahassee Democrat catches up with Reggie Northrup to discuss what the Seminoles are missing.

Before FSU’s loss to Georgia Tech last Saturday, Northrup said Tuesday that he felt like "some of the young guys needed a wake-up call.

"You could easily see where somebody might taking winning for granted, thinking you come here because we’re Florida State we can win.

"No. We got to work hard. We got to put in the work and (have) dedication."

- From ESPN Jared Shanker reports on Syracuse DB Julian Whigham's weird anger issue.

"That is the most annoying thing to hear," Whigham said to "I hate Florida State because of it. Before I didn't really have any problem with Florida State. We just played them, all right, game on the schedule. I really hate playing them because I have to listen to that more.

- Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill has decided to retire from football for very good reasons as Joe Christensen from the Star Tribune writes.

"I know somebody will ask, 'Coach, what are you going to do?' " Kill said. "I don't know. I ain't done anything else. That's the scary part."

Kill, 54, has epilepsy and overcame kidney cancer in 2005.

"I've given every ounce that I have for 32 years to the game of football," Kill said, losing the battle to fight back tears and stopping every few words to compose himself. "And the kids I've been able to coach. I never stole from anybody. I'm not going to steal now."