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How worried should FSU fans be about the offense?

How concerned should Florida State fans be after Florida State's offense scored just 24 points over a Wake Forest team that surrendered more than 30 to Indiana and Syracuse?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

This is a tough question to answer. How much did the Seminoles work on Wake Forest during their bye week, and how much did they work on upcoming opponents Miami, Louisville and Georgia Tech? How different would the game have been had Dalvin Cook not gone out in the first quarter with a hamstring injury?

I wonder if Jimbo Fisher would have called so many passes if Cook were available. On the day, Florida State called about three times as many passes as runs. Receivers and tight ends touched the ball more than running backs by about a 3/2 ratio.

Since Fisher did call so many passing plays, did he see what he needed to see from QB Everett Golson? How big is the gap between Golson and Sean Maguire? Upon first viewing, Golson looked better than he did against Boston College, albeit against admittedly lesser competition in Wake Forest. He took more deep shots against 1-on-1 coverage, hitting a few and badly underthrowing two. Golson is still slow to get rid of the ball and sometimes doesn't recognize who is open. Other times, FSU's young receivers drop his passes, though upperclassman BoBo Wilson can't exactly blame his repeated drops on youth.

But Golson is much more mobile than Sean Maguire, which is sometimes useful behind a green offensive line.

Jimbo Fisher's offense, though, does not seem to be utilizing Golson's mobility to threaten the defense. You can count on one hand how many times FSU has called a rollout for Golson this season. And his legs are practically nonexistent with any sort of option or quarterback read play. Defenses really do not have to worry about Golson keeping and running the football, allowing them to pursue the running back aggressively. His biggest runs so far have been on scrambles.

Is that element coming? Or is FSU going to continue to try to drive the square peg that is Golson into the round hole that is FSU's complex pro-style offense? Can FSU develop its young talent within its traditional offense for a big run in 2016 or 2017 while playing the style that gives it the best chance to win another ACC title this year?

It seems clear this is not a national title quality team, but can it get to a level where it might be good enough to win the ACC? I'm not sure of that right now. If Florida State can get through the three game stretch of Miami, Louisville and at Georgia Tech with a 2-1 record, that has to be considered a success, right?