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Florida State moves to No. 8 in Coaches Poll, drops to No. 12 in AP Poll

Are the Seminoles fairly ranked in this week's polls?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State came off their bye week and unconvincingly defeated Wake Forest 24-16 to move to 4-0 on the season in what would turn out to be a crazy week in college football

The Noles entered the week ranked #11 in the AP polls. #3 Georgia, #6 Notre Dame, #7 UCLA, and #8 Georgia all lost their games, ranked ahead of FSU. However, #12 Clemson, #13 Alabama, #14 Texas A&M, and #15 Oklahoma all won against ranked teams. While the upcoming poll will be virtually unpredictable, the Noles figure to fall a few spots.

Florida State was ranked #9 in the coaches poll, but that number will change as well. #5 Ole Miss #6 Georgia and #7 Notre Dame were the only teams ahead of FSU to lose, but once again they figure to be jumped by teams behind them. #11 Clemson, #13 Alabama, #14 Oklahoma, and #15 Texas A&M may very well hop over the Noles due to the strength of the opponents they defeated. FSU will most likely drop a few spots to the low double digits.

In the end, despite a victory by the Seminoles, don't expect them to advance in either poll.


Florida State actually rose up one spot in the Coaches Poll, moving up to No. 8 in the country. Future opponents also ranked in the poll include Clemson at No. 6 (up from No. 11) and Florida at No. 12 (up from No. 23).

In the AP Poll, the Seminoles dropped one spot, down to No. 12. Future opponents Clemson and Florida are ranked at No. 6 (from No.12) and No. 11 (from No. 25), respectively.

All things considered, not a bad day in the polls for Florida State. Do you think their new rankings are fair?

Coaches Poll:

1 Ohio State (50)
2 TCU (4)
3 Michigan State (1)
4 Baylor (5)
5 LSU (1)
6 Clemson
7 Utah (1)
8 Florida State
9 Oklahoma
10 Alabama
11 Texas A&M
12 Florida
13 Ole Miss
14 Northwestern
15 Notre Dame
16 Georgia
17 USC
18 Stanford
19 Oklahoma State
21 Michigan
22 Cal
23 Iowa
24 Boise State
25 Memphis

AP Poll:

1 Ohio State (38)
2 TCU (5)
3 Baylor (10)
4 Michigan State
5 Utah (7)
6 Clemson
8 Alabama
9 Texas A&M (1)
10 Oklahoma
11 Florida
12 Florida State
13 Northwestern
14 Ole Miss
15 Notre Dame
16 Stanford
17 USC
18 Michigan
19 Georgia
21 Oklahoma State
22 Iowa
23 Cal
24 Toledo
25 Boise State