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Florida State football: Opponent Recap - Week 5

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Updates on Florida State football opponents are ordered as they appear(ed) on FSU's schedule.

- Texas State had a bye this week.

- South Florida failed to knock Memphis from the ranks of the unbeaten on Friday night, but did cover the spread.

- Boston College was edged out by Duke and David Cutcliffe sums up the game nicely:

"We believe that we're best when we blend offense, defense and kicking," Duke coach David Cutcliffe said. "But we're also at our best when one side is limping and the other side runs a little faster. That's what you call team responsibility."

BC has a strong defense but the offense is a joke. Eagle in Atlanta questions the offensive coaching, but honestly, BC just does not have any talent on offense.

- Miami (Week 6, 10/10) lost at Cincinnati on Thursday leaving the Canes looking for answers before facing the Noles. Al Golden gave a lot of excuses on the Joe Rose show Monday.

- Louisville (Week 7, 10/17) found some offensive life and beat NC State as the Wolfpack (Week 11, 11/14) adjust to life without Shadrach Thornton.

- Once again special teams sting Georgia Tech (Week 8, 10/24) as they blew a 3 TD lead and lost to North Carolina.

- Syracuse (Week 9, 10/31) had a bye this week

- Clemson (Week 9, 11/10) relied on its defense to pull out a win against Notre Dame in the marquee game of the week.

- Chattanooga (Week 12, 11/21) had a bye this week.

- Florida (Week 13, 11/28) checked in with the most impressive win of the week by dominating Ole Miss in every sense of the word.