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Florida State football podcast: Golson, offense line improving

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return for another edition of the Nolecast. In this episode we open up discussing the Florida State offense. What was different against Wake Forest after the bye week?

For one, Everett Golson looked improved. He still wasn't great, and he was still often late, but there were fewer plays that just looked disjointed. And Golson appeared more decisive, perhaps a sign that he is becoming more comfortable within the offense. Golson took more shots without adding much risk, and that is something that must improve.

The offensive line also looked better with the change of Ryan Hoefeld for Corey Martinez at the center position, though some snaps were still an issue. And Chad Mavety, though still very overweight, showed some good and bad things.

There was also some bad: FSU is now 120th in pace nationally, which is excruciatingly slow. We knew FSU's offense would be slow this year, but this level of slowness does not allow for FSU's talent advantage to leverage. Also FSU is still not finding ways to get its most athletic receivers the ball.

The discussion of the defense is shorter, and much of it focuses on the effort level and a debate about whether this was a lookahead game for that group.

Also the officiating was horrific.