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Miami: Never a consideration for FSU's Trey Marshall

Apparently, Trey Marshall's flexibility goes only so far.

FSU's Trey Marshall
FSU's Trey Marshall
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Coming out of Lake City, Florida, FSU's Trey Marshall had options. He had double-digit offers from high-profile schools including Florida, Georgia, Ole Miss, and Tennessee. He was also offered by Florida State rival Miami. To put it lightly, a plethora of choices-- numerous ways to go.

And he's gone a couple of different ways in contributing to FSU's defense this season. Marshall's provided ever-increasing value to the Seminoles, as the flexible sophomore has shown that his worth lies not only in his ability to punish ball carriers, but his propensity to do so from a variety of positions. He's excelled at the Star spot for the 'Noles, a position he describes as a "combination between corner and safety and linebacker."

Marshall's versatility has proven pivotal for the 'Noles in 2015. When Lamarcus Brutus was ejected for targeting against South Florida, Marshall was able to move back and play some safety, a role he also filled after Nate Andrews suffered a knee injury against Wake Forest-- and wherever Marshall's lined up, the returns have been promising: on the still young season, he ranks third on the 'Noles with 20 tackles. And on Monday, he was named the ACC Co-Defensive Back of the Week after tallying a game-high 11 tackles in the Seminoles' victory over the Demon Deacons. His multifaceted efforts have helped immensely in FSU posting the sixth-best scoring defense in the country thus far in 2015.

But for all of Marshall's flexibility, it seems that he was rather rigid when it came to which college he'd attend. For when asked if Miami was his number-two option yesterday, in advance of FSU's Saturday tilt against the 'Canes, Marshall not only struck Miami from the conversation, he essentially eliminated any other team from a mere spot on the podium.

When Marshall was asked if he thought about choosing Miami over Florida State, or even if the 'Canes were his second choice, he smiled broadly, chuckled-- and answered succinctly: "No. Not at all." So if FSU wound up being his final selection, who was his number two choice? "Florida State. Florida State [was] number one, number two, and number three." So was Miami choice number four? "Not even. Florida State [was number] four, too." Forget being on the aforementioned podium of finalists-- for Marshall, evidently, the Hurricanes couldn't even stand next to it.