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Florida State football film review: Wake Forest 3rd quarter

Full video breakdown of FSU's 3rd quarter v. Wake Forest, found only at Tomahawk Nation.

Every week we break down the result of the previous Florida State game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Wake Forest? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

Read to find out. Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

For other quarters, visit the film review section (All quarters up by Wednesday evening).

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D-D At Formation Play Analysis
1-10 at Fs48 Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00, WF ball on WF35.
Weaver, M kickoff 65 yards to the FS0, Whitfield, K. return 57 yards to the WF43 (Dancel, Z). Well blocked and the speedster uses his speed.
1-10 at Wf43 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 15:00.
1-10 at Wf43 21 Gun Golson, E. sideline pass complete to Wilson, J. for 8 yards to the WF35 (Watson, B). Bunch to field, Golson hits Bobo on quick hitch on boundary side.
2-2 at Wf35 21 Gun Vickers, J. rush up middle for 13 yards to the WF22, 1ST DOWN FS (Janvion, R;Williams, H). Bunch to field, inside zone. Well blocked, Vickers does a good job moving in the hole. Good play.
1-10 at Wf22 21 Pony Golson, E. deep out pass incomplete to Izzo, R.. No huddle to keep Wake personnel on field, Snag play to field side. Golson overthrows Izzo on the corner, but does a great job getting it out with the pressure in his face. Jimbo Fisher said the wind got this one.
2-10 at Wf22 21 Pony Vickers, J. rush right for loss of 4 yards to the WF26 (Dancel, Z;Rodney, Z), PENALTY FS holding declined. Wide zone to field, RoJo gets punched back into Vickers path, and Vickers tries to bounce it outside right into other defenders. Kelly allows penetration and Stevenson misses a block at second level. This thing wasn't going anywhere.
3-14 at Wf26 20 Pony Golson, E. crossing pass complete to Rudolph, T. for 18 yards to the WF8, 1ST DOWN FS (Glenn, C). 3 Verticals, Golson does a great job delivering this ball over the middle. Well thrown ball. Well protected against 3 man rush, good job finding hole in max coverage.
1-G at Wf08 20 Pony Golson, E. sideline pass complete to Whitfield, K. for 3 yards to the WF5 (Dancel, Z;Williams, H). Designed screen, and should have been called OPI - Rudolph was always blocking here and Kermit caught this past the LOS. Also the throw was awful.
2-G at Wf05 20 Pony Golson, E. sideline pass complete to Whitfield, K. for 5 yards to the WF0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 12:23. Same play to the other side, this time well run. Kermit receives it, turns up field to score.
Aguayo, R. kick attempt good.
Florida State 21, Wake Forest 10
Drive: 7 plays, 43 yards, TOP 02:37 Good drive offensively. Consistently good, Golson did quite well taking what was available - not a single bad decision.
Aguayo, R. kickoff 65 yards to the WF0, touchback.
1-10 at Wf25 WAKE FOREST drive start at 12:23.
1-10 at Wf25 425 Colburn, M rush over left guard for 4 yards to the WF29 (Brutus, L.). IZ, FSU outnumbered at point of attack, Hoskins gets himself lost inside, Brutus does a good job cleaning it up.
2-6 at Wf29 416 Hinton, K slant pass incomplete to Hines, T. Zone blitz from field, Hinton gets it out quickly, good coverage by Northrup on the slant. Sweat was covering downfield and the blitz forced a quick decision. This is why you don't toss zone blitzes out of the playbook, lol
3-6 at Wf29 317 Hinton, K sideline pass incomplete to Lewis, C, QB hurry by Northrup, R.. This is... an interesting pass rush look. 3 down linemen and only 1 backer on the pitch. Delayed blitzes from Derwin James and Northrup forced Hinton out of the pocket. Newberry actually got the bulk of the pressure from the interior. Northrup gets hit with a terrible targeting call when he used his HANDS, fortunately they reviewed it and got it right, but man, that's bad on the field.
Hinton injured on the play
Play originally called targeting, reversed on replay lol why acc
4-6 at Wf29 Kinal, A punt 43 yards to the FS28, fair catch by Wilson, J., PENALTY FS delay of game (Wilson, J.) 5 yards to the FS23, 1st and 10, FS ball on FS23. Just can't signal fair catch then try to run. Dumb penalty from a third year kid.
Drive: 3 plays, 4 yards, TOP 01:05 Great defensive drive all around. 3 and out quite welcome.
1-10 at Fs23 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 11:18.
1-10 at Fs23 21 Pony Golson, E. deep pass complete to Wilson, J. for 51 yards to the WF26, 1ST DOWN FS (Dancel, Z). Shot play - play action, 6 man protection, Bobo gets wide open on the deep route and it's underthrown by Golson. This ball does appear to really nose dive on it's flight down - the wind is definitely a factor in this one. And funny enough, they were showing the flags flapping in the breeze just seconds before this play.
1-10 at Wf26 21 Pony Vickers, J. rush up middle for 1 yard to the WF25 (Watson, B;Dawson, G). Noles line up in I, Golson changes play to go from Pony. IZ left. There's good blocking by the OL, but nobody is peeling to the second level and Vickers runs into a backer in the hole.
2-9 at Wf25 21 Gun Golson, E. rush up middle for 17 yards to the WF8, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds (Janvion, R). Bunch to field, play action, Golson sees a hole in the middle and does a great job pulling it and getting the first down. Really good run and good decision to recognize wide open passing lane. There was an open man, but as long as Golson is being decisive, this is great.
1-G at Wf08 21 I Vickers, J. rush over left guard for 4 yards to the WF4 (Lee, M). IZ left, Kelly/Bell let a man through, and a second level defender cleans it up, but Vickers absolutely needs to bounce this.
2-G at Wf04 22 I Vickers, J. rush over left tackle for 1 yard to the WF3 (Lee, M;Stewart, C), PENALTY FS holding (Hoefeld, R.) 10 yards to the WF14, NO PLAY. 6 man OL, T block sweep to boundary side, well recognized by Wake defense. This is a really ticky tacky holding call here.
2-G at Wf14 11 gun Golson, E. screen pass complete to Vickers, J. for 6 yards to the WF8 (Lee, M;Williams, H). Great screen call, but Hoefeld and Are sort of trip over each other here and don't get play side quick enough. If they did, I'm not sure Vickers would have slowed down to set up the blocks well enough, if I'm honest. Then he gets hurt. And shouldn't the third OL be out on this?
3-G at Wf08 21 gun Golson, E. sideline pass incomplete to Patrick, J., QB hurry by Banks, J. Golson comes off the frontside post too quickly, as it comes open, then bounces the checkdown.
4-G at Wf08 Aguayo, R. field goal attempt from 25 GOOD, clock 07:33.
Florida State 24, Wake Forest 10
Drive: 7 plays, 69 yards, TOP 03:45 From good to sloppy. Also the nonsense holding penalty hurt.
Aguayo, R. kickoff 57 yards to the WF8, Wade, C return 12 yards to the WF20 (Kilby-Lane, S.;James, D.).
1-10 at Wf20 WAKE FOREST drive start at 07:33.
Wolford at QB
1-10 at Wf20 425 Wolford, J slant pass incomplete to Lewis, C (Hoskins, R.). Delayed backer blitz, Hoskins bats it down. Good awareness by him to get his hands up.
2-10 at Wf20 425 Bell, T rush up middle for no gain to the WF20 (Hunter, T.), PENALTY FS holding (White, M.) 10 yards to the WF30, 1ST DOWN WF, NO PLAY. Run blitz, Hoskins and Hunter blitz off edges. Hunter does a great job breaking down and tackling ball carrier who is forced right into him as all other gaps are filled. Good run defense. Absolutely bizarre call away from the play - defensive holding well away from the ball.
Hinton at QB
1-10 at Wf30 425 Bell, T rush over right tackle for 1 yard to the WF31 (LawrenceStample). Fantastic effort by NLS to shed his blocker and make this play in the hole. Hoskins helped him get this stop, good run defense.
2-9 at Wf31 425 Hinton, K slant pass complete to Hines, T for 6 yards to the WF37 (Marshall, T.). Great pressure from Nnadi forcing his man deep into the backfield, Hinton does a good job getting the slant off. Marshall just got beat on the slant, but makes the tackle.
3-3 at Wf37 317 Hinton, K rush quarterback draw for loss of 5 yards to the WF32 (James, D.;Ramsey, J.), PENALTY FS personal foul (Ramsey, J.) 15 yards to the FS48, 1ST DOWN WF, NO PLAY. Another run blitz from edges, gets home very quickly. Hinton has absolutely nowhere to go. This appears to be one of the few legitimate calls of the day at first but even then is rather ticky tacky.
1-10 at Fs48 425 Bell, T rush draw play for no gain to the FS48 (Northrup, R.;Hoskins, R.). Very good run defense here. NLS holds up a double team, Christmas sheds his block and Northrup makes contact in the hole. Not sure why Hoskins is credited here.
2-10 at Fs48 425 Hinton, K crossing pass complete to Serigne, C for 5 yards to the FS43 (Northrup, R.). Backers do a good job recognizing path and getting depth, Wake TE does a nice job sitting underneath in the no cover zone and getting some easy yards.
3-5 at Fs43 425 Hinton, K crossing pass incomplete to Serigne, C, QB hurry by James, D.. Wake goes HU to keep FSU personnel on the field, FSU blitzes anyway and quickly, very quickly gets home. Derwin James barely misses the sack and Marquez White barely misses the INT. Fantastic pressure and amazing play by James to get past the blocker.
4-5 at Fs43 Kinal, A punt 15 yards to the FS28, downed. Wake shouldn't be punting here. Though they aren't moving the ball that well, they're down 2 TDs and need to press. This is a coaching move made to make the final score look closer and avoid a blowout, not to attempt to win the game.
Drive: 6 plays, 37 yards, TOP 03:54 Fantastic defense on this drive, better effort than earlier in the game.
1-10 at Fs28 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 03:39.
1-10 at Fs28 12 Singleback Golson, E. screen pass complete to Wilson, J. for 16 yards to the FS44, 1ST DOWN FS (Gaulden, D). Play action rollout, quick toss to Bobo in the flats, he gets a great block from Izzo and he's out the gate. Does a good job making the first man miss and gets the first down. Great call.
1-10 at Fs44 Timeout Florida State, clock 02:58. Jimbo screams at Dawsey here. He's not very happy.
1-10 at Fs44 11 Singleback Golson, E. crossing pass complete to Rudolph, T. for 16 yards to the WF40, 1ST DOWN FS (Glenn, C). Play action, 6 man protection. Can't really see the routes here. Good job by Golson stepping up into the pocket and making the throw over the middle with pressure coming in his face. Second camera angle shows this is the third place he looks. Can't overemphasize how much more comfortable he looks in the offense this week.
1-10 at Wf40 12 Singleback Golson, E. screen pass complete to Wilson, J. for loss of 3 yards to the WF43 (Glenn, C;Williams, H). Same exact play as first play of drive, flipped to other side. Rusher comes free and recognizes the play, but Golson, who should get his head around earlier still does a great job getting the pass off to Bobo. Well recognized by a backer also and Izzo isn't able to sustain a block on the edge, giving Bobo nowhere to go. FSU needs to block its play-action better.
2-13 at Wf43 21 Pony Golson, E. deep pass incomplete to Wilson, J.. Play action, 6 man protection, Golson has plenty of time, and just completely misreads the defense. The post is well covered and the corner route is wide open for a touchdown. This is just one of those plays that a top college QB doesn't miss. Instead of a TD it is 3rd and 13.
3-13 at Wf43 20 Pony Golson, E. sideline pass incomplete, QB hurry by Chubb, B. Wake rushes 2, has a spy on Golson. This is just 8 being able to cover 5. Golson turns it into a scramble play and just throws it away. Jimbo isn't happy about it, but hard to see anything downfield. Maybe dump it down to the back? FSU's receivers do not do a good job of getting open on scramble. Dumping it down underneath could have also created a manageable 4th down ...
4-13 at Wf43 Beatty, C. punt 33 yards to the WF10, fair catch by Hines, T. Fantastic punt.
Drive: 5 plays, 29 yards, TOP 02:31 Not a bad drive, just some sloppiness. It's going to happen with this level of youth.
1-10 at Wf10 WAKE FOREST drive start at 01:08.
1-10 at Wf10 425 Hinton, K deep pass incomplete to Lewis, C. Jet action, FSU has the post very well covered and this is just a huge overthrow.
2-10 at Wf10 425 Hinton, K rush quarterback draw for 11 yards to the WF21, 1ST DOWN WF. Zone read, Hinton reads Sweat out of the play and has green grass to run to. Sweat needs to be better against this. Has a chance at the tackle but just can't make it. Good move from Hinton.
1-10 at Wf21 425 Hinton, K deep pass incomplete to Lewis, C, QB hurry by Northrup, R.. Play action. Northrup sees running lane open up as DL doesn't do great job of contain, goes to fill it, pressuring Hinton. Hinton launches a prayer up the sideline and nearly puts it into the stands.
2-10 at Wf21 425 Hinton, K sideline pass incomplete to Brent, KJ, QB hurry by Walker, D., PENALTY WF holding (Intemann, D) 10 yards to the WF11, NO PLAY. 5 man rush, Walker nearly gets the sack but is very much held. Great pressure.
2-20 at Wf11 425 Hinton, K sideline pass complete to Brent, KJ for 23 yards to the WF34, 1ST DOWN WF, out-of-bounds. Play action, Noles in cover 2. Hinton makes a fantastic throw in the gap on the sideline between deep half and the corner, but this is just a poor effort to bump by Marquez White.
1-10 at Wf34 Clock 00:00.
Drive: 4 plays, 24 yards, TOP 04:42 Great defensive quarter, one great offensive drive and then some sloppiness. Defensive effort appeared considerably better this quarter.
Florida State 24, Wake Forest 10