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Jimbo Fisher call-in show takeaways/updates: Miami week

Jimbo Fisher participated in his weekly call-in show Wednesday night, fielding a variety of questions ranging from Wake Forest to Miami to what music he listens to in his car.

Gene Deckerhoff and Jimbo Fisher at the Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show
Gene Deckerhoff and Jimbo Fisher at the Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show
Curt Weiler

Here are my takeaways from this week's Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show

Injury Updates

Before they took any calls, Gene Deckerhoff asked Jimbo Fisher what the status of Dalvin Cook, Terrance Smith, and Nate Andrews is with the Miami game three days away. Fisher said that Cook remains day-to-day but that he is done counting him out, saying that his recovery from ailment has surprised him before, Smith will miss the UM game, and Andrews is recovering at a faster pace than expected but that playing in the Miami game is not likely.

Miami presents a new offensive scheme

Multiple people called in or asked from the audience about issues that the Wake Forest offense exploited in last Saturday's game, including a lack of pressure from the FSU defensive line and the explosive day that Wake's tight end had. Every time one of these questions was raised, Fisher was quick to point out that Miami brings in a offensive scheme that differs entirely from any offense that Florida State has faced to this point in the season. As such, he felt that many of the ways in which the Demon Deacons succeeded offensively would not work for Miami but that the Hurricanes will present completely new problems for this FSU defense.

Game manager Everett Golson?

One caller asked if Fisher thought that Golson would extend his game beyond being a game manager against Miami or whether the running backs would lead the way. Fisher immediately defended Golson, saying that he feels the term game manager carries a negative connotation. Instead, Fisher believes that calling someone a game manager is the highest compliment you can pay a quarterback. He followed up by saying that Jameis Winston was a game manager, as are Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. He summed it up by saying that he wants Golson to be a game manager, just like he has been so far this season.

For a full summary of tonight's call-in show, check my updates in the comment section at the bottom of the page.