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Throwback Thursday: Jimbo Fisher's Florida State owns Miami (Fl)

Florida State is 5-0 against Miami (Fl) under Jimbo Fisher, with the average margin of victory being more than two touchdowns. Florida State is also 8-2 against Miami (Fl) since the advent of YouTube, so let's go back through those victories with the help of YouTube.

2010: This was probably the only game in the rivalry in which Miami (Fl) had a talent advantage, but Florida State came out and played harder and Miami (Fl) was badly outreached on defense because its defensive adjustments to some of the motion FSU was running left open gaps all over. FSU fans remember this game for the huge hits laid on receivers who were tragically led into them by Jacory Harris, and for Chris Thompson breaking a 90-yard run right after a run of similar length on the previous play was called back. Miami (Fl) quit. This win helped in part to spark FSU's recruiting success in South Florida.

2011: This was one of two games where the margin was less than a touchdown. The game on the field was not played that way, however, as this seventeen minute video showed.

2012: The best way to describe this game was "workmanlike." FSU turned the ball over too frequently but still got the job done for its fourth-straight win on the road in the series, and yet another double-digit win.

2013: Miami (Fl) came into the game as big underdogs and played to keep the game close. That worked for a while, but eventually FSU won by four touchdowns.

2014: The 2014 squad lived dangerously through many games and then found a way to pull it out. This one hurt extra for Miami (Fl)  fans because they believed. Then Miami native Dalvin Cook twisted the knife and FSU pulled it out to win by four.