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Florida State basketball recruiting: Massive weekend in Tallahassee

Yesterday, Bud highlighted the insane amount of football talent visiting Tallahassee this weekend. Today, it's basketball.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 recruiting class, which ranked 8th nationally, was all about filling holes. FSU desperately needed depth in the back court and wings that could score. And the staff went out and got great recruits to fit the bill.

Now, the 2016 class is about bringing in the next wave. The Noles could potentially bring in five guys at five different positions, and land what would perhaps be their best recruiting class of all time.

If that happens, it will be because of what takes place this weekend. The staff has arranged for all five players to be on campus for their official visits.

PG CJ Walker (4*, No. 101 in the 247 Composite Rankings) - COMMITTED

The diminutive lefty can run a team, and he can put up points. He plays at a powerhouse high school in Indiana and somehow slipped out of the grasp of the Big Ten. Coach Hamilton has put a massive emphasis on landing guards that can dribble-drive, and Walker certainly fits that bill. Despite his size, he scores a lot of points in the paint.

CG Trent Forrest (4*, No. 60) - COMMITTED

I think it was the UCF coach who said last year that there was no confusion in Montay Brandon's head - he was getting to the rim until someone stopped him. Well, wait until you see Trent Forrest. He doesn't have Brandon's size, but he's a solid ball handler who is always in attack mode. Advanced stats guys are going to love Forrest as he's about as efficient as they come.

SF Jonathan Isaac (5*, No. 11) - COMMITTED

Isaac was 6-2 when he began his high school career, and now at USA Basketball he measured just a hair under 6-10. One of his trainers said that he had an almost freakish ability to learn new skills and immediately put them to use in games. Kevin Durant compared him to Kevin Durant.

PF Dewan Huell (5*, No. 23)

The size/athleticism combination that Huell brings to the court is what makes him so special. He's just too big and quick for nearly everyone he plays. His game needs some polishing, but he'll still make an instant impact at the college level. He can step out to 15' and knock down jumpers, but he's most dangerous hanging around the rim and in transition. He's got a knack for the ball and will be a double-double waiting to happen.

C Udoka Azubuike (4*, No. 28)

This might be the big man that Coaches Hamilton and Jones have been waiting their careers to mentor. Azubuike is a bull, and is already stronger than most college centers. I'm not sure what the dunk record is at Florida State, but if Azubuike plays here then that record is his. Matching his ability to carve out space with Huell's athleticism will give Florida State one of the highest ceiling front courts in basketball.

The entertainment highlight of the official visit will be the Miami game, where the recruits will hang out with the team and with the football recruits. The atmosphere should be electric.

FSU currently has the No. 3 recruiting class in the nation. Landing one of Huell/Azubuike will guarantee the Noles back-to-back top 10 classes. Land both and FSU will be in the conversation of the best all-around major sport athletic programs in the nation.

It's a good time to be a Nole fan.

Beat Miami.


Per a report from Prep Hoops Illinois, 4* SG Zach Norvell is also on campus. FSU visited him on Tuesday in Chicago. He'll be deciding between Illinois, Iowa State, Georgetown, Gonzaga, and FSU. He's known as a terrific shooter with deep range, and is current the No. 94 player in the 247 Composite rankings.