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Breaking down every play of Florida State at Clemson: 2nd quarter

Every week we break down the result of the previous Florida State game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Clemson? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

Read to find out. Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

For other quarters, visit the film review section (All quarters up by Wednesday evening).

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1-10 at Cu41 Start of 2nd quarter, clock 15:00.
1-10 at Cu41 21 Twins Cook, D. rush for 9 yards to the CU32 (KEARSE;DODD). Straight dive blocking. If Eberle can stay locked on to the mike linebacker this might be a big play.
2-1 at Cu32 Patrick, J. rush for 6 yards to the CU26, 1ST DOWN FS (GOODSON).
1-10 at Cu26 21 Gun Bunch Maguire, S. pass complete to Izzo, R. for 17 yards to the CU9, 1ST DOWN FS (T. GREEN). Post wheel concept to the bunch side and Izzo on the post is wide open behind the linebackers and in front of the safeties.
1-G at Cu09 21 Patrick, J. rush for 3 yards to the CU6 (TANKERSLEY). Inside zone into the boundary. Rudolph not only blocks the corner but blocks him into the path of the safety. This play should be a touchdown but Patrick goes down with very light contact from the safety. Patrick must develop better balance to make effective use of his size.
2-G at Cu06 21 Patrick, J. rush for loss of 2 yards to the CU8 (GOODSON). Inside zone. Freddie Stevenson should not be trying to cut someone in the backfield. Take on the block.
3-G at Cu08 Timeout Florida State, clock 11:44.
3-G at Cu08 00 Empty Quad Maguire, S. pass complete to Whitfield, K. for 2 yards to the CU6 (LAWSON). Fake rollout, shovel pass. Roderick Johnson gets completely whipped by a pass rush spin move that leaves the DE in perfect position to make the tackle. Probably scores if not for that.
4-G at Cu06 Aguayo, R. field goal attempt from 23 GOOD, clock 10:59.
Florida State 10, Clemson 3
Drive: 10 plays, 69 yards, TOP 05:19
Aguayo, R. kickoff 64 yards to the CU1, McCLOUD return 12 yards to the CU13, out-of-bounds (James, D.).
1-10 at Cu13 CLEMSON drive start at 10:56.
1-10 at Cu13 4-2-5 WATSON pass complete to A. SCOTT for 9 yards to the CU22 (James, D.;Northrup, R.). Jet sweep. Elliott turns it back as he should but FSU must pursue from inside out better to limit the gain here.
2-1 at Cu22 4-2-5 WATSON pass complete to A. SCOTT for 7 yards to the CU29, 1ST DOWN CU, out-of-bounds (Smith, T.). Bunch to the boundary and with only two defenders over it, it's an easy call to throw the bubble. Smith can't allow himself to be blocked this easily by a slot receiver.
1-10 at Cu29 4-2-5 WATSON pass incomplete to RENFROW. Rollout pass, deep fade. Great trail position coverage by Elliott.
2-10 at Cu29 (Elliott, J.).
2-10 at Cu29 4-2-5 GALLMAN rush for 5 yards to the CU34 (Cook, D.). Inside zone run is defended well but Pugh and Smith both miss the tackle that would have held this to a yard or less, instead allowing Gallman to spin out for 5 yards.
3-5 at Cu34 4-2-5 WATSON rush for 8 yards to the CU42, 1ST DOWN CU (Pugh, J.). 3 man rush allows a huge running lane for Watson. Pugh reacts well but overruns the play and gets juked.
1-10 at Cu42 4-2-5 WATSON pass complete to A. SCOTT for 5 yards to the CU47 (Ramsey, J.;Smith, T.). Bunch to the boundary. Smith tries to run around the block of the slot receiver this time. Take him on, drive him into the receiver and shed.
2-5 at Cu47 (Northrup, R.).
2-5 at Cu47 4-2-5 GALLMAN rush for 1 yard to the CU48 (Northrup, R.;Christmas, D.). Split zone. Demarcus Christmas anchors and then penetrates without getting out of his gap before shedding and making the tackle. Tremendous play.
3-4 at Cu48 4-2-5 WATSON pass incomplete to GALLMAN. FSU blitzes both backers and nobody picks up the back out of the back on a flat route. Extremely lucky that Watson overthrows this as it's likely to be a touchdown if he doesn't.
4-4 at Cu48 TEASDALL punt 42 yards to the FS10, fair catch by Wilson, J..
Drive: 8 plays, 35 yards, TOP 03:01
1-10 at Fs10 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 07:55.
1-10 at Fs10 21 Bunch Cook, D. rush for 5 yards to the FS15 (BOULWARE). Clemson puts several defenders over the bunch and Maguire checks to an inside zone to the weak side. Eberle and Bell combo the playside DT but Eberle never peels up to the backer. If he gets the backer blocked this is a 90 yard TD. Great run check by the QB.
2-5 at Fs15 21 Bunch Cook, D. rush for 7 yards to the FS22, 1ST DOWN FS (T. GREEN;A. BRYANT). Lead draw play. Don't recall FSU running this at all this year. Would have been a bigger play but Clemson's Christian Wilkins gets great penetration and forces Dalvin to adjust his path in the backfield.
1-10 at Fs22 21 Gun Bunch Maguire, S. pass complete to Rudolph, T. for 7 yards to the FS29 (BLANKS). Snag concept and Maguire finds Rudolph underneath for the easy completion.
2-3 at Fs29 21 Twins Cook, D. rush for 1 yard to the FS30 (LAWSON;BOULWARE). Inside zone. Shaq Lawson is a tough blocking assignment for Ryan Izzo and he loses this battle badly.
3-2 at Fs30 10 Gun Maguire, S. pass incomplete to Wilson, J. (TANKERSLEY). Sort of a slant-switch combo here. All four receivers run slants but the slots run outside the before coming back on the slant. The idea is to pull away the inside defender and get leverage. Not sure why Maguire throws to the inside slant except that he may be anticipating pressure that didn't materialize.
4-2 at Fs30 Beatty, C. punt 44 yards to the CU26, fair catch by RENFROW.
Drive: 5 plays, 20 yards, TOP 02:46
1-10 at Cu26 CLEMSON drive start at 05:09.
1-10 at Cu26 4-2-5 WATSON rush for 12 yards to the CU38, 1ST DOWN CU (Brutus, L.). NLS gets out of his rush lane and then Northrup takes a poor angle.
1-10 at Cu38 4-2-5 McCLOUD rush for 8 yards to the CU46 (James, D.). Jet sweep turns the corner when Javien Elliot tries to shoot inside a block instead of maintaining outside leverage and forcing the ball carrier to turn it up inside.
2-2 at Cu46 PENALTY FS delay of game 5 yards to the FS49, 1ST DOWN CU. Still have no idea how this was called on the defense. FSU's sideline is clear, while Dabo is out on the field complaining about a call.
1-10 at Fs49 4-2-5 WATSON rush for 4 yards to the FS45 (Sweat, J.). Busted play and Watson dives up the middle for a short gain. NLS had the chance for a huge hit on the QB in the backfield but missed.
2-6 at Fs45 4-2-5 WATSON pass incomplete to A. SCOTT. FSU covers the stick route from Leggett very well and Watson looks to bail the pocket immediately. Had his slot receiver open on an out route.
3-6 at Fs45 4-2-5 WATSON pass complete to HOPPER for 3 yards to the FS42 (Smith, T.;Ramsey, J.). Clemson tries to run off the coverage and hit a drag route across the middle. Nice play recognition by Terrence Smith.
4-3 at Fs42 4-2-5 A. SCOTT rush for no gain to the FS42 (Ramsey, J.). Clemson shows a triple option from gun look, with a guard pulling in front of the QB. Really nice job by Nate Andrews of playing the QB and forcing the pitch without giving any room to cut inside which is where a short yardage option play really wants to go. By the time the pitch is made the defense has rallied and can stop the play short.
Drive: 6 plays, 32 yards, TOP 02:12
1-10 at Fs42 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 02:57.
1-10 at Fs42 21 Bunch Maguire, S. sacked for loss of 14 yards to the FS28 (GOODSON). FSU pulls a guard to really sell the play action and it backfires when Eberle can't block the linebacker blitzing the A gap. The post was wide open, too.
2-24 at Fs28 21 Cook, D. rush for 4 yards to the FS32 (T. GREEN;BOULWARE). Clemson commits absolutely everbody to the run. Cook finds a little bit of room outside, but there's too many unblocked bodies to make much of this play.
3-20 at Fs32 PENALTY FS delay of game 5 yards to the FS27.
3-25 at Fs27 PENALTY FS false start (Johnson, R.) 5 yards to the FS22. Ugly sequence.
3-30 at Fs22 Timeout Clemson, clock 01:38.
3-30 at Fs22 11 Gun Cook, D. rush for 3 yards to the FS25 (WILKINS). Just giving it to Dalvin and hoping he pops one.
4-27 at Fs25 Timeout Clemson, clock 01:33. Really blew a tremendous scoring opportunity here. If Eberle gets the backer on first down you probably go into halftime ahead 17-3.
4-27 at Fs25 Beatty, C. punt 54 yards to the CU21, RENFROW return 0 yards to the CU21, fumble by RENFROW recovered by CU RENFROW at CU18.
Drive: 3 plays, minus 17 yards, TOP 01:33
1-10 at Cu18 CLEMSON drive start at 01:24, CU ball on CU18.
1-10 at Cu18 3-2-6 WATSON pass complete to LEGGETT for 18 yards to the CU36, 1ST DOWN CU. Jacob Pugh comes up when Watson leaves the pocket, opening up a receiver downfield. In this situation, don't worry about the scramble until the QB has committed to it.
1-10 at Cu36 3-2-6 WATSON pass incomplete to CAIN. Watson throws it into the dirt on the deep curl/comeback.
2-10 at Cu36 3-2-6 WATSON pass complete to LEGGETT for 25 yards to the FS39, 1ST DOWN CU. Nate Andrews doesn't get enough depth and opens up a void for the post route in front of the safeties.
1-10 at Fs39 Timeout Florida State, clock 01:03.
1-10 at Fs39 4-2-5 WATSON rush for 25 yards to the FS14, 1ST DOWN CU, out-of-bounds (James, D.). Draw all the way. Terrence Smith takes false steps at two different points in the play, allowing Watson to turn this into a big gain.
1-10 at Fs14 4-2-5 WATSON pass complete to CAIN for 3 yards to the FS11, out-of-bounds (Ramsey, J.). Double A gap blitz from FSU forces an early throw and Ramsey makes the tackle.
2-7 at Fs11 Timeout Florida State, clock 00:51.
2-7 at Fs11 4-2-5 WATSON rush for 4 yards to the FS7 (Walker, D.). QB sweep is beautifully defended by FSU. Think Clemson was expecting blitz.
3-3 at Fs07 TEAM pass incomplete. Terrible situational awareness by Watson. Gotta know that you can't spike it here regardless of what you see from the sideline.
4-3 at Fs07 HUEGEL field goal attempt from 25 GOOD, clock 00:29.
Florida State 10, Clemson 6
Drive: 8 plays, 75 yards, TOP 01:01
LAKIP kickoff 50 yards to the FS15, Whitfield, K. return 13 yards to the FS28 (J. JOHNSON).
1-10 at Fs28 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 00:23.
1-10 at Fs28 TEAM rush for loss of 1 yard to the FS27.
2-11 at Fs27 End of half, clock 00:00.