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Florida State football film review: Clemson 3rd quarter

Every week we break down the result of the previous Florida State game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Clemson? Which players played poorly? Where did the coaches do well, and when did they screw up?

Read to find out. Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

For other quarters, visit the film review section (All quarters up by Wednesday evening).

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3rd Quarter
2-11 at Fs27 Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00, FS ball on FS35.
Drive: 1 plays, minus 1 yards, TOP 00:23
Aguayo, R. kickoff 65 yards to the CU0, touchback.
1-10 at Cu25 CLEMSON drive start at 15:00.
1-10 at Cu25 425 GALLMAN rush for 2 yards to the CU27 (Northrup, R.). Jet action, power to field, Northrup does a good job knifing in and meeting Gallman at LOS.
2-8 at Cu27 425 WATSON rush for 6 yards to the CU33 (Walker, D.;Northrup, R.). Empty set, 4 man contained rush. QB draw. Reasonably well contained but Watson finds a hole where a double team beats Nnadi. Northrup probably gets a bit too much depth here but that's probably due to having been beat by #3 vertical against similar formations in first half - good call by Clemson to recognize this.
3-2 at Cu33 425 WATSON pass incomplete to LEGGETT (Ramsey, J.). 5 man rush against play action, Ramsey does a great job recognizing he won't get home and breaks this up. Great play by #8 here.
4-2 at Cu33 TEASDALL punt 45 yards to the FS22, downed. Lost 10 yards not catching the ball. Gotta grab that.
Drive: 3 plays, 8 yards, TOP 01:09 Great defensive drive.
1-10 at Fs22 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 13:51.
1-10 at Fs22 21 Singleback Maguire, S. pass incomplete to Wilson, J.. 6 man protection, Maguire does a great job stepping up in pocket to avoid pressure but just underthrows this. Should have been called for interference - maybe Bobo needs to act for this flag.
2-10 at Fs22 11 Gun Maguire, S. sacked for loss of 3 yards to the FS19 (GOODSON). 6 man rush against 5 blockers leaves one completely free rusher inside. Maguire does a great job avoiding him and getting to flats but needs to throw this away instead of taking loss of 3. Looks like he thought he'd get the corner but he doesn't have that speed.
3-13 at Fs19 11 Gun QB hurry by BOULWARE.
3-13 at Fs19 PENALTY FS delay of game 5 yards to the FS14. Get a damn snap off, please.
3-18 at Fs14 11 Gun Cook, D. rush for 17 yards to the FS31, out-of-bounds (T. GREEN). Power/bubble package play, power. Dalvin does a great job being Dalvin - makes one dude miss at LOS and nearly makes first down before being moved out of bounds.
4-1 at Fs31 Beatty, C. punt 49 yards to the CU20, fair catch by A. SCOTT. Nice, clutch punt per usual.
Drive: 3 plays, 9 yards, TOP 01:28 Can't put yourself in third and impossible against a good defense on the road.
1-10 at Cu20 CLEMSON drive start at 12:23.
1-10 at Cu20 425 WATSON pass complete to CAIN for 15 yards to the CU35, 1ST DOWN CU. Brutus has too much depth here - needs to be further off the hash. Cover 2, meaning Ramsey needs to watch the TE in flat and he passes off Cain who Brutus should be closer on.
1-10 at Cu35 425 GALLMAN rush for 1 yard to the CU36 (Sweat, J.). Inside zone, NLS and Christmas squeeze interior gaps not allowing space and Sweat cleans it up from the backside. Good run defense.
2-9 at Cu36 425 WATSON pass complete to A. SCOTT for 3 yards to the CU39 (White, M.). Jet sweep, Javien Elliott does a nice job getting into backfield and forcing Scott inside. Quez is there waiting for him. Good job defending this.
3-6 at Cu39 416 WATSON rush for 15 yards to the FS46, 1ST DOWN CU (Brutus, L.). Good pressure and coverage but playing man and not having great contain allows a running lane right up the middle. Newberry might have a chance for this if he lays out, but he needed to squeeze the gap better.
1-10 at Fs46 425 WATSON pass complete to A. SCOTT for 1 yard to the FS45, out-of-bounds (Smith, T.;Brutus, L.). Jet sweep to boundary, Ramsey gets crack back blocked but Terrance and Brutus do a good job getting to it behind the LOS. These sort of pursuit angles are why jet to boundary isn't normally too popular.
2-9 at Fs45 425 WATSON pass complete to A. SCOTT for 7 yards to the FS38 (Elliott, J.). Motion to empty, Clemson OL does cuts for quick game. Quick game well covered, Watson scrambles and finds Scott on scramble rules play. Elliott does a decent job here but Watson places this throw perfectly.
3-2 at Fs38 425 WATSON pass complete to CAIN for 38 yards to the FS0, 1ST DOWN CU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 10:01. This is a really well timed call by Clemson - tunnel screen right behind teeth of the blitz. Brutus needs to do a much better job triggering this. Can't wait until the OL are all out and downfield to try to get downhill.
HUEGEL kick attempt good.
Clemson 13, Florida State 10
Drive: 7 plays, 80 yards, TOP 02:29 Clemson is pretty good at football and well coached. That'll happen.
LAKIP kickoff 62 yards to the FS3, Whitfield, K. return 27 yards to the FS30 (FIELDS).
1-10 at Fs30 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 09:54.
1-10 at Fs30 PENALTY FS false start (Bell, W.) 5 yards to the FS25. Maguire having to tell his dudes to calm down. And they're behind the chains already.
1-15 at Fs25 21 Gun Maguire, S. pass incomplete to Rudolph, T. (BLANKS). Not sure if this is a miscommunication or a bad throw. Bad throw would be about 2 yards behind, miscommunication it's fine with 15 coming back to it. I'm going to assume it's miscommunication because Maguire may be scattershot but not normally THAT far off the simple stuff.
2-15 at Fs25 11 Gun Maguire, S. pass complete to Whitfield, K. for 10 yards to the FS35. Quick hitter over the middle, good job getting yourself back to a reasonably managable 3rd and 5.
3-5 at Fs35 00 Empty Maguire, S. pass complete to Wilson, J. for 14 yards to the FS49, 1ST DOWN FS (BAKER). 5 WR empty set. Clemson tips blitz but rushes 3 and drops 8. Dodd does a great job with an inside moves and forces Maguire to leave the pocket. Bobo does a good job recognizing scramble rules and gets back to the ball, giving Maguire an outlet. Good job escaping pressure and making stuff happen here.
1-10 at Fs49 00 Empty Maguire, S. pass complete to Rudolph, T. for 18 yards to the CU33, 1ST DOWN FS (ALEXANDER). Check at the line. Same play as previous play, flipped. Rudolph on deep comeback. Maguire throws falling away, but makes a good throw. Hard for me to fault him too much for doing so when we gave credit to Jameis for improving in that regard over a year.
1-10 at Cu33 21 Singleback Cook, D. rush for 1 yard to the CU32 (WATKINS;BLANKS). Split zone, Clemson sends a run blitz on edges. OL gets no push at all and Cook has absolutely nowhere to go with the amount of defenders Clemson has there.
2-9 at Cu32 ? Cook, D. rush for 8 yards to the CU24, out-of-bounds (KEARSE). Can't see what the formation is here - camera starts too late on play. T block sweep, Dalvin does a nice job following his blocks and nearly gets the first down.
3-1 at Cu24 22 I Cook, D. rush for no gain to the CU24 (READER;LAWSON). This will occasionally happen in short yardage when you play a really good DL. You just get beat and holes don't open. Maybe power/counter would have worked here, but this is just a good DL winning a battle.
4-1 at Cu24 Aguayo, R. field goal attempt from 41 GOOD, clock 06:15. Back on track.
Florida State 13, Clemson 13
Drive: 8 plays, 46 yards, TOP 03:44 Decent drive overall, solid offensive play but a great Clemson D getting theirs.
Aguayo, R. kickoff 63 yards to the CU2, FULLER return 14 yards to the CU16 (James, D.). Great special teams coverage here.
1-10 at Cu16 CLEMSON drive start at 06:10.
1-10 at Cu16 425 WATSON pass incomplete to A. SCOTT. Quick out to Scott on sideline. Misthrown. This play shows how difficult it can be to throw against a field side corner. Gotta throw this almost 30 yards on a rope to make this play.
2-10 at Cu16 425 WATSON pass complete to PEAKE for 7 yards to the CU23. Quick slant, well thrown. Appears Ramsey is telling Hoskins he needs to squeeze this better.
3-3 at Cu23 416 WATSON pass incomplete to RENFROW. Noles bring 5 - blitz field side a/b/c gaps with Andrews/Walker/Smith, with Sweat looping around. Pugh drops into middle of field, where Watson misses a throw. Great pressure.
4-3 at Cu23 TEASDALL punt 28 yards to the FS49, downed. Terribly mediocre punt. Beatty would never do this.
Drive: 3 plays, 7 yards, TOP 00:50 Great defense, again.
1-10 at Fs49 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 05:20.
1-10 at Fs49 21 I Cook, D. rush for no gain to the FS49 (LAWSON;BOULWARE). Missed assignment allows Shaq Lawson to come unblocked playside, which is a shame because this zone play was set to give Cook an opportunity. Looks like Izzo/RoJo messed this up.
2-10 at Fs49 11 Gun Maguire, S. pass complete to Wilson, J. for 4 yards to the CU47. All curls. Bobo looks to slip or he'd get a couple more yards out of this.
3-6 at Cu47 11 Gun Maguire, S. pass complete to Whitfield, K. for 9 yards to the CU38, 1ST DOWN FS. Curl/flat, Maguire hits Kermit on the flat pass. If he doesn't slip he has a chance to get this into field goal territory.
1-10 at Cu38 21 Bunch Cook, D. rush for no gain to the CU38 (WILKINS;LAWSON). Zone right, pretty well blocked but Wilkins makes a fantastic play to get under his block and get Cook. That kid is just a freshman.
2-10 at Cu38 PENALTY FS false start (Ruble, B.) 5 yards to the CU43. another.
2-15 at Cu43 PENALTY FS delay of game 5 yards to the CU48. Maguire furious with Eberle for not being aware of the game clock.
2-20 at Cu48 21 Gun Maguire, S. pass incomplete to Rudolph, T.. Terrible drop by Rudolph. Really bad here. This would have taken you to 3rd and managable, likely in FG terriory.
3-20 at Cu48 00 Empty Maguire, S. pass complete to Harrison, J. for 8 yards to the CU40 (WILKINS). Maguire hits Pigg on the quick slant. Clemson tips blitz and drops some DL, including Wilkins, who makes a massive hit on Pigg. Not sure how this isn't targeting - dude lead with the crown of his helmet, head down. Would have been a massively important call - ejection of a DL that was doing excellently plus the yards to get an FG or more.
4-12 at Cu40 Beatty, C. punt 33 yards to the CU7, downed. Clutch. Would have been inside five but Hunter falls and Hoskins slips.
Drive: 6 plays, 11 yards, TOP 04:04 Too many mistakes. Two penalties and a drop. Toss a missed call in and you aren't going to get anywhere.
1-10 at Cu07 CLEMSON drive start at 01:16.
1-10 at Cu07 425 GALLMAN rush for 6 yards to the CU13 (Smith, T.;James, D.). Hoskins needs to fill this gap quicker, too much space here allows Gallman too much room.
2-4 at Cu13 425 WATSON pass complete to HOPPER for 5 yards to the CU18, 1ST DOWN CU, out-of-bounds (Elliott, J.). Curl/flat, Watson hits Hopper on the quick out.
1-10 at Cu18 425 GALLMAN rush for 5 yards to the CU23 (Sweat, J.;Smith, T.). Sweat does a nice job meeting Gallman in hole, Smith needs to be here quicker to help finish it off.
2-5 at Cu23 425 WATSON rush for 15 yards to the CU38, 1ST DOWN CU (James, D.). Nice package play by Clemson - draw/bubble it appears. NLS looks to be held slightly, but this gap is lost more by Sweat not doing a great job of contain.
Drive: 4 plays, 31 yards, TOP 02:00
Florida State 13, Clemson 13