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Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show takeaways/updates: NC State week

Jimbo Fisher will take part in his weekly call-in show Wednesday night at 7 PM, answering questions on last weekend's loss to Clemson and this week's game against NC State.

Jimbo Fisher and Gene Deckerhoff at their weekly call-in show.
Jimbo Fisher and Gene Deckerhoff at their weekly call-in show.
Curt Weiler

Fresh off Florida State's tight loss to the Clemson Tigers, Jimbo Fisher participated  in his weekly call-in show hosted by Gene Deckerhoff on Wednesday night. Fisher took questions on the game last weekend, the upcoming game against NC State, and some non-football questions including what he does in his spare time. Here are my takeaways from the show:

Health of running backs against Clemson

Fisher was asked early in the show why Jacques Patrick was not utilized more in the game against Clemson and if he will be used more going forward. Fisher admitted that Patrick was very limited in practice in the week leading up to Clemson as he was dealing with an ankle injury that was undiagnosed until after the Syracuse game, something that he never acknowledged in the week leading up the showdown with the Tigers. However, he followed up that Patrick is fully healthy now and will be ready for solid reps on Saturday behind Dalvin Cook.

Is Jameis Winston Fisher's favorite quarterback he has ever coached?

Late in the show, a questioner from Twitter wanted to know if Jameis Winston is Fisher's favorite QB that he has ever coached. Although Fisher did not come out and directly state it, he went on a monologue of sorts, stating that what he liked most was what some people never got to see: his competitive spirit that was unrivaled, his ability to "flip a switch" and transform into an unbelievable player, and how it was never about himself but that he focused on the team and put the team's needs over his own.

For a full recap of the show, check the comment section at the bottom of the page for my updates.