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Where will Florida State Football go bowling?

The most likely destinations on where Florida State may play their bowl game.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

With three games remaining in the regular season, there are still a number of possibilities regarding FSU's postseason destination. We sort through them below.

Peach Bowl: Atlanta, GA, December 31st:

At-large vs. At-large

The 'Noles have a chance of playing in a New Year's Six bowl, with the most likely choice being the Peach Bowl. For this to unfold, Florida State needs to end the season as the second-highest ACC team with both Notre Dame and Clemson making the College Football Playoff. Still, that is not an automatic lock for the Seminoles to play, as the committee will have their choice of any other at-large team.

Russell Athletic Bowl (Previously the Champs Sports Bowl): Orlando, FL, December 29th:

ACC vs. Big 12:

As stated above, Florida State will need to win out and both Clemson and Notre Dame to make a New Year's Six bowl, not necessarily the College Football Playoff, then the 'Noles will more than likley wind up in the Russell Athletic Bowl. On the bright side, it is one of the higher-tier bowl games, and would put the Seminoles against a worth opponent, such as Oklahoma. However, the 'Noles will appear in Orlando twice next year already for the spring game as well as the opener against Ole Miss, making this a less ideal location.

Belk Bowl (Previously The Meineke Car Care Bowl): Charlotte, NC, December 30th:



Music City Bowl: Nashville, TN, December 30th:

ACC/Big Ten vs. SEC


TaxSlayer Bowl (Previously the Gator Bowl) Jacksonville, FL January 2nd:

ACC/Big Ten vs. SEC

FSU has the same chance of getting picked for one of these bowls as they do for the other two, as all three bowls are on the same tier. If the 'Noles were to get picked for one of these bowls, it would most likely mean that Clemson wins out and Notre Dame loses a game, knocking them out of a NYS bowl, and putting ND in the Russell Athletic. That would leave the organizers of the Belk, Music City, and TaxSlayer bowls to have their pick at a team, with one of them choosing FSU. As the TaxSlayer Bowl is just down I-10 in Jacksonville, it may well be the most likely destination.

Pinstripe Bowl New York, NY December 26th:

ACC vs Big Ten

The most unlikely scenario to happen would be Florida State ending up in the Pinstripe bowl. Florida State would have to lose at least one more game this season, putting Clemson, Notre Dame, and UNC above them in ACC rankings, combined with Notre Dame not making the College Football Playoff and the Belk Bowl opting for UNC and the TaxSlayer and Music City Bowls choosing Big 10 teams instead of FSU.

As of right now, it is still too early to narrow the possible list down to less than five, but as the season goes on, the final postseason picture should become clearer.