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Florida State football, recruiting news: Don't let 1 loss become 2

- The Seminoles are in unfamiliar territory with no trophies to play for this year. The NC State game is a test of this team's character, writes Corey Clark of the Tallahassee Democrat.

"I think right now it’s about class and character," Fisher said. "That’s what you’re going to find out, about the character of these young guys and the organization and the class of it. Still at risk is a tremendous season, you know what I’m saying?

"Our ultimate goal is to win a national championship, to go to the playoffs, win the ACC. There’s no doubt. But you can have great seasons if you don’t still have those things happen to you. You can still have 10-, 11-win seasons and go to a great bowl game and be successful and win a high percentage of your games."

- The Democrat's Safid Deen goes in depth about Dalvin Cook's role as a leader despite only being a sophomore.

"And you just tell them we got to keep fighting. That’s for the program. That’s what we came here for. For Florida State. We got to just keep giving these fans what they want and we just got to get back to work.

"The game is bigger than us. We’re playing for our fans and Florida State. That’s just how I look at it."

- Brandon Sonnone of the Orlando Sentinel notes how Everett Golson is staying engaged with his team since Sean Maguire has taken over the starting roll.

"They rotate quarterbacks in practice," FSU offensive lineman Rod Johnson said. "On the field he’s still cool, calm and collected. In the locker room, he’s still hanging out with the guys. He’s still the same, still has a smile on his face, so I don’t think he changed at all."

- As Tom D'Angelo (Palm Beach Post) writes, Derwin James has played well for FSU so far  to no one's surprise.

"I don’t want to say I told you so," said Ramsey, doing just that, "but in preseason I said that Derwin was going to be somebody to watch. He’s a force to be reckoned with.

"He’s a guy we can really depend on. He’s everything that we thought he would be and more."

- You may not have been paying attention to the issues in Missouri but the actions of the Tiger's players could have very meaningful consequences for the rest of the NCAA as Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated writes.

The Pac-12 and Big Ten own pieces of their eponymous television networks. The SEC takes a huge licensing fee from ESPN to take part in the SEC Network. All the leagues sell games—television shows, essentially—to networks independent of any conference cable network deal. Media companies pay through the nose for the right to broadcast those television shows. How mad would they be at the people who sold them those shows if the casts suddenly didn't show up for scheduled episodes?

Recruiting: While they aren't likely to land him FSU was able to secure a promise of a visit from DE Brian Burns.