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Dalvin Cook makes his Heisman case-- on the field and off

FSU's star running back does the work on the field, and backs it up with the press.

Dalvin Cook evades an NC State tackler
Dalvin Cook evades an NC State tackler
Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

If he hadn't already, Florida State running back Dalvin Cook officially entered the pantheon of Seminole greats on Saturday, shattering FSU-great Warrick Dunn's single-season rushing record against North Carolina State. Dunn enjoyed a popular Heisman campaign in Tallahassee during his senior season in 1996, but Cook may have a more realistic shot at college football's top honor this season-- and, perhaps, even more so next year. He ran past Dunn, a Seminole great, in the first quarter on Saturday, and made his feelings known about how deserving he thinks he is of becoming Florida State's fourth Heisman winner after the game.

It started harmlessly enough, when Cook was asked if he should be in the Heisman talk. His response: "I just feel like, in my eyes, if I keep playing, and I keep doing what I'm doing, then, eventually, everything will play out how I want it to."

Cook was then asked a series of questions regarding his role in the Heisman race. And if you thought he was efficient with his running on the field, well, he was even more so with his words off of it. His responses, when asked if he thought he was a Heisman contender: "Yeah."

When asked if he thought he'd be invited to New York as a Heisman finalist: "Yeah."

And when asked if he thought he should win the Heisman: "Yeah."

To which, Cook elaborated: "I just feel like I just run the ball how I run the ball, and if I keep doing me -- 'cause I'm Dalvin, and I just feel like I'm one of them great running backs that's in collegiate football."

Arguments can certainly be made about who's most deserving of college football's top prize, but it's become increasingly difficult to argue Cook's final claim.