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FSU practice report: Northrup's arm in a sling

News, notes, and observations from the day's Florida State practice.

Reggie Northrup jokes around with Terrance Smith
Reggie Northrup jokes around with Terrance Smith
David Visser

It's Chattanooga week, 'Noles (whatever that means), but if we're being completely honest, the practice focus is being squarely placed on a few key positions: quarterback, running back, and linebacker health. Mike Martin took in practice, as did scouts from the San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears-- the latter kept an eye on the DBs.


Reggie Northrup's right arm was in a sling, and we saw neither Chad Mavety nor Demarcus Christmas at practice. Fullback Freddie Stevenson took a shot to the head against NC State, and he also remains out. And running back Mario Pender continues to miss time after lung surgery.


Predictably, Sean Maguire took the first QB reps, followed by Everett Golson and J.J. Cosentino. Maguire looked healthier than he did warming up before Saturday's game, as he was getting better rotation through his torso when following through. Dalvin Cook took the first running back reps, despite tweaking an ankle injury against the Wolfpack-- although I saw him carrying a brace before practice, he did not wear one while members of the media were present, but his left ankle was taped up.

The offensive line starters, left to right, were Rod Johnson, Kareem Are, Alec Eberle, Wilson Bell, and Brock Ruble. The twos are now Ethan Frith, David Robbins, Ryan Hoefeld, Joshua Peters, and Keith Weeks. Cole Minshew worked out by pulling a weighted sled in the IPF. Pigg Harrison participated in a non-contact jersey, and Mavin Saunders returned to practice as well.


Terrance Smith looks healthy at linebacker, and frosh DB Marcus Lewis again went without a non-contact jersey. Stud corner Jalen Ramsey did not have his right wrist wrapped, as he did on Thursday, and Lorenzo Featherston worked out in a non-contact jersey, moving quite well.

Up Next:

We'll speak with a few FSU players after practice today, so stay tuned for updates and videos.