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FSU football adjusts seating priority policy

Florida State has rethought how it will decide who sits where.

FSU fans
FSU fans
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Seminoles fans will see an alteration to the system used to determine seating priority moving forward. This is a notable shift from the previous policy, which was antiquated but a great deal for some fans.The new policy will still be a better deal than many in the Southeast.

Here's the recent release from Florida State:

Tallahassee, Fla. - Florida State University's Athletics Board adopted an adjusted policy for Seminole Booster membership levels and seat location priority in a meeting on Thursday.  The modified policy assigns a donation appropriate to the value of the seats based on location and will go into effect for the 2016 football season.

The change in priority policy is the first adopted by FSU and the Seminole Boosters since 2006.  After modifications in 2001 and 2006, the Athletics Department and Seminole Boosters tabled an adjustment scheduled for 2011 in consideration of economic challenges faced by the majority of the fan base.

"We believe the adjustments made today will not only provide continued financial support for all our athletics programs, which is our primary goal at Seminole Boosters, but it will also simplify the ticket buying and booster membership process," said Seminole Boosters, Inc. CEO Andy Miller.  "In addition, the adjustment to the system will make the advantages provided with their contribution level more apparent to our donors.  We also believe that the adoption of these changes will allow for significant new donor growth."

Current members of Seminole Boosters and season ticket holders will receive detailed reports on how the modifications will affect them, if at all, in the coming weeks.  The modifications will be in place for the 2016 football season ticket sales season.

"Over the last five-to-ten years expenses for all major collegiate athletics departments have risen dramatically, and we are not immune to those increases," said FSU Director of Athletics Stan Wilcox.  "The costs associated with the recently-adopted Cost of Attendance legislation and the financial challenges of fielding nationally competitive programs simply cannot be met without the philanthropy of our alumni and Boosters. In addition, we are excited about planned improvements to the fan experience at home games that these adjustments position us to undertake. They will add value to being a football season ticket holder.

"Even with the changes adopted today, we will still be below the donation requirements of most of our geographic peers in the ACC and SEC.  We recognize and appreciate the current financial commitment of the majority of our season ticket holders that travel to Tallahassee to attend football games.  As a result, we have made the per seat adjustments and Booster increases as rational and reasonable as possible."