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Where is Florida State in the college football playoff rankings?

Find out where Florida State is ranked when the college football playoff rankings are released.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Florida State is now #14 in the College Football Playoff rankings.

Florida State entered week 11 of the college football season ranked #16, but after a nice 34-17 win over NC State, as well as some help above them in the polls, the 'Noles will move up a couple of spots when the rankings are released tonight.

Just in front of the Seminoles at #15 is TCU who won at home by six over an 0-10 Kansas team. Ahead of TCU at #14 is Michigan who had to go to overtime in order to defeat an under .500 Indiana team. The margin of victory by Florida State may be enough for them to surpass both TCU and Michigan, depending on how the committee views the margin of victories.

Further ahead in the polls, #10 Utah, #9 LSU, #7 Stanford and #6 Baylor all lost. The only teams in danger of falling behind the Seminoles are Utah and LSU who lost to unranked Arizona and Arkansas respectively. Stanford's loss to Oregon as well as Baylor's loss to a #12 Oklahoma team will cause both teams to drop, but they should be placed just ahead of FSU.

In the end, the 'Noles can end up anywhere from #14 to #12 as they continue their fight to play in a New Years Six Bowl.