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Inside the box score: FSU 98, Jacksonville 79

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

FSU 98 Jacksonville 79 box score

1. One mark of a good defense is the ability to shut a team down from inside the arc. Jacksonville made 20-42 2s (48%) in the game. FSU has now allowed opponents to shoot 47.3% on 2s, which is 146th nationally. In Florida State's 4-year tournament run, the Noles averaged No. 7 nationally in 2-pt% defense.

2. Malik Beasley's incredible start to the season isn't getting more press only because he's playing alongside Dwayne Bacon. But, among players who have used at least 20% of their team's possessions, Beasley has the highest offensive rating (161.9) of any player in the ACC. He's made 7-10 2s (70%), 7-10 3s (70%), and 7-9 FTs (78%) on his way to scoring 21.0 points per game. He's only turned the ball over twice in 50 minutes.

3. Montay Brandon returned to the court for the first time this year, after missing both exhibition games and the season opener. He looked a bit rusty, but put in 22 minutes off the bench. Regardless of if he starts or comes off the bench this season, he'll play starters minutes as he gives Coach Hamilton a 6-8 perimeter player who can guard opposing power forwards when FSU goes small.

4. FSU turned the ball over 13 times. For the year they have turned it over on 16.4% of their possessions, which is 101st nationally. Last year's team turned it over on 21.9% of their possessions, which was 323rd.

5. FSU won 98-79 in a 78 possession game. FSU has scored 1.31 points per possession for the year, which is 7th nationally among teams that have played at least two games.