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Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show takeaways/updates: Chattanooga week

Some takeaways from this week's Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show with Fisher fielding questions on the NC State win, the upcoming Chattanooga game, and Fisher's thoughts on the playoff system, among other things.

As Florida State approaches its 11th game of the season, Jimbo Fisher returned to the Sheraton Four Points for his weekly call-in show, fielding questions from callers on the phone line, Twitter, the audience in attendance, and Here are some takeaways from this week's show:

Malik Henry will early enroll

When he was asked fairly early in the show about the quarterback situation for next season, Fisher mentioned the usual suspects of Sean Maguire, JJ Cosentino, and Deondre Francois. However, he was able to reference incoming freshman Malik Henry for the first time, as he signed his grant-in-aid paperwork in the last week, allowing Fisher to publicly acknowledge that Henry is coming to FSU. Fisher also confirmed what we have heard for the last few weeks, which is to say that Henry will be arriving in January as an early enrollee for next season, meaning that he can participate in spring practice and the spring game this upcoming April.

Does Jimbo share playcalling duties?

The final question of the night came from Twitter and asked Coach Fisher who handles the intensive duties of playcalling during the games. Fisher, who was known to call all offensive plays early in his head coaching tenure at Florida State, confided that he has allowed co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Randy Sanders to take over a share of the playcalling when Fisher is otherwise preoccupied. Fisher did state that he remains the two-minute drill playcaller but ended by saying that he has full confidence in Sanders' abilities.

Fisher's thoughts on college football playoff system?

In the middle of the show, Fisher was asked his thoughts on the current college football playoff system and if he thought it should expand to more than four teams. Fisher relayed that he believes it will expand to 8 teams in the near future and that he has heard around 8-10 years from now. He stated that he has no problem, per se, with an eight-team playoff but argued that he worries it will begin to feel more like the NFL playoffs where a team that was clearly not best in regular season can get hot and make a run to win the title. He wrapped up his thoughts by sharing that his favorite aspect of the four-team playoff is how much each regular season game means and that a move to a larger playoff would take away from that.

For a full summary of tonight's show, check for updates in the comment section at the bottom of the page.