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Florida State football, recruiting news: Charles Kelly is a good coordinator after all

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

- Tom D'Angelo, FSU writer for the Palm Beach Post, brings up the interesting scenario that would present itself if one-loss Notre Dame, who has a friends with benefits sort of deal with the ACC, was left out of this year's College Football Playoff.

Right up there with crowning a second different national champion in three years would be for a one-loss Notre Dame to get left out of the playoff because it is not in a conference - thus did not play in a conference title game - a scenario that just might change the conversation at Notre Dame when it comes to holding onto its cherished independence.

- ESPN's Mike Wilson looks at the differences between college football now as it compares to fifty years ago, from a statistic standpoint.


1965: Teams scored 60 or more points in four games all season

2015: Through Week 11, teams have scored 60 or more points in 48 games (Baylor alone has done it five times)

- Corey Clark of the Tallahassee Democrat points out that the first impression that many Seminole fans drew about FSU defensive coordinator Charles Kelly may not have been the right one.

- asked their writers which quarterback from the last two drafts they would select to build a team around and a few sided with former Seminole Jameis Winston.


-247 Sports updated its 2016 team recruiting rankings, and despite some concern among FSU fans, the 'Noles are hanging in just fine. Florida State ranks third nationally, and is well clear of its nearest ACC competitors, Miami and Clemson.