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Florida State's ranking in the college football polls: AP, USA Today Coaches, CFP

Find out where Florida State may be ranked when the new standings are released later today.

Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Update: FSU moved up two spots in both the AP and Coaches Poll. The 'Noles are now No. 14 in each poll, the spot they currently occupy in the College Football Playoff rankings, which will be updated on Tuesday. If these trends are any indication, the Seminoles should move up in those rankings as well.

Following their 52-13 victory over their 8-2 FCS opponent Chattanooga,  Florida State figures to move up once again in the rankings, as they inch closer to a New Years Six bowl position.

In the College Football Playoff rankings, FSU came in the highest of the three polls at #14. #13 Utah lost and FSU will surely jump them. It will be close in rankings from where the #6 Oklahoma State Cowboys end up following their loss to #10 Baylor, however, do not be surprised if it is in front of FSU. Lastly, #3 OSU will not fall behind FSU following their loss to #9 Michigan State.

FSU and their opponents in the AP and coaches poll entered the week very similarly, with FSU ranked #16 in both. Unlike the CFP rankings, both polls ranked Houston (#13 AP #14 coaches) in front of Florida State instead of Utah, and the 'Noles will jump them. It should not end there as TCU, ranked #11 in both polls, lost today, most likely giving Florida State another position. Oklahoma State was ranked much higher in the AP and coaches polls at #4, and should not fall past FSU's eventual landing spot at #12.

One thing to look out for in all three polls is how each committee views Florida, a top-10 team in each poll, and their overtime win against a 2-9 FAU. Remember that earlier this season, the AP dropped Auburn 12 spots after defeating FCS Jacksonville State in overtime.

In the end, Florida State will move on up in all three polls.