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Florida State football: Opponent Recap - Week 11

Updates on Florida State football opponents are ordered as they appear(ed) on FSU's schedule.

- Texas State beat Louisiana-Monroe 16-3. It's been a rough year for the Bobcats but finally they are on the right side of the win column.

- South Florida continues it's winning ways by blasting Cincinnati 65-27 Even with the early season struggles the Bulls believed in themselves and now it's paying dividends.

"Of course, you’re going to have haters and people who don’t believe in you,’’ USF sophomore quarterback Quinton Flowers said. "It motivated us (when USF was picked fifth in the AAC East Division preseason poll). I know it motivated me a lot. We knew we were better than that and now we’re playing like it.’’

- Boston College lost to Oregon Notre Dame 19-16. The Irish were lucky to escape Fenway with a win as they turned it over 5 times. Unfortunately Boston College could not convert on those opportunities.

- Clemson used a quick knock Wake Forest out 33-13. Dave Clawson sums this game up nicely.

"They’ve got really skilled receivers, and we didn’t get much of a pass rush and we didn’t cover them,’’ Clawson said. "And we’re not going to score a lot of points against that defense right now.’’

- Miami upended Georgia Tech 38-21. Tech fumbled the ball 9 times but only lost 2 of them.

"We don’t value the ball very much," Johnson said.

Have you ever …?

"No. I never," Johnson said.

(The truth is, I was still forming the question. But it probably wouldn’t have affected his answer either way. Continuing … )

"I’ve never had anything like this. I don’t have any answers for you. I know people are frustrated. Hell, I’m frustrated."

- Louisville's defense was shredded by Pittsburgh and the Cards lost 45-34.

- NC State beat up on Syracuse 42-29. The Wolfpack's freshmen played a large role in the romp over the Orange.

- Florida State beat up on Chattanooga 52-13.

- Florida messed around and needed overtime to beat FAU 20-13. Jim McElwain believes Florida has a focus problem.

"They mope around," he said. "When something bad happens, they mope around."

Record of Opponents: 71-60