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Dwayne Bacon and Malik Beasley are carrying the offensive load

The freshmen are off to an impressive start

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to Xavier Rathan-Mayes leading FSU in points per game in his first season, you have to go all the way back to the beginning Florida State's program (1947-48) to find another freshman who was able to carry that sort of scoring load. That was Leon High's own Big Bill Kratzert (6-2), who put up a team best 9.6 per contest.

Fast forward 68 years and now FSU not only has two freshmen who are scoring twice as many points as any other Seminole, but they're two of four freshmen nationally who are averaging 20.0 or more per game (and the only two from a major conference).

Beasley Bacon stats

Dwayne Bacon averages 20.6 per game, with Malik Beasley right behind at 20.0.

The best part is their efficiency. Of players who have used at least 20% of their team's possessions, Beasley has the 2nd highest offensive rating (143.2) in the ACC, while Dwayne Bacon's is 15th (127.7). No other freshmen are in the conference top 20.

Beasley has made 66% of his 2s, 58% of his 3s, and 83% of his free throws. The same numbers for Bacon are 62%, 47%, and 75%.

They're leading an FSU offense which is No. 33 nationally among 351 teams, scoring 1.17 points per possession.

All of this is great, but it's only one key to the season. As we saw in the Paradise Jam, the Noles haven't been able to generate many stops on defense. And this is one of the issues with relying so heavily on freshmen.

Hopefully, in a couple of months, I'll be raving equally about their defense.