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Florida State football, recruiting news: Readying for Florida

- From ESPN Edward Aschoff points out that college football's health improves when the FSU/UF fields two top teams.

Even when the game took a backseat on Saturdays, it meant a ton to the people involved. This is about in-state bragging rights and pride for players who saw each other countless times on the high school gridiron. Friendships come into the game, but once teams are inside a stadium together, those relationships quickly disappear. Respect turns to anger, which usually turns into the traditional, midfield taunting sessions both teams have grown so accustomed to.

- The Palm Beach Post's Bob Farrante points out how important the kicking game might be this week. Florida State has a huge advantage in this phase of the game.

- Safid Deen of the Tallahassee Deomcrat asks players why this road game will be different than the others for the offense.

- As we all know the FSU/UF game means more than just a win. It can give one team enough momentum to finish strong on the recruiting trail, writes the Orlando Sentinel's Brandan Sonnone.

"It's more important for Florida State," Farrell said. "They've been the bully on the block the last few years, recruiting extremely well. It's the program of choice for a lot of the top kids in Florida, so they have more to lose. But they need to reestablish their dominance with a victory, whereas with Florida every at this point is gravy."

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.